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marijuana seed almanac

And it’s super important to go one cultivar at a time. I know they’re your babies and you swear you can tell them all apart and it’s easy when they’re fresh, but when they’re dry it is anyone’s guess, trust me.

So you’ve got to make some cuts. The question: which? We’re going to keep it crazy simple.


Again, there’s not much to do. I don’t prune anymore, because you’re doing nothing except removing flowers, and I don’t fertilize anymore. I just let the plant do what it’s going to do, which is make really pretty flowers until I kill it (at harvest).

Dry trimming tends to be way less sticky, but you’re more likely to break those fragile trichomes.

Wet trimming tends to be easier and much stickier.

Adding nutrients and organic matter to your soil will fuel plant growth and increase yields. However, doing so at the right time will dramatically enhance these effects. Aim to feed your plants while a descending waning moon presides over a water sign that prompts leaf and stem growth. During the 2021 moon calendar, these periods occur on March 22nd, May 24th, June 19th, July 17th, August 15th, and September 9th.


High-quality cannabis plants stem from high-quality soil. When treated well, this natural growing medium possesses all of the nutrients and microbial life that weed plants need to thrive. During the 2021 growing season, aim to make some major upgrades to your soil on February 28th. During the start of the waning moon, the celestial body hovers over the earth sign of Virgo, an ideal time to add compost and sito your beds and containers.


Check out the lunar calendar of 2021 below, learn the best times to germinate, transplant, feed, and prune, and discover why you should harvest your weed during the full moon.

When growing cannabis using the moon calendar, cultivators can harness the effects of the celestial body to optimise plant health and productivity. The waxing and waning periods of the moon provide a natural timetable that guides growers throughout the season.

– Aries
– Leo
– Sagittarius

Moon gardening involves carrying out specific tasks in sync with the lunar phases. Although this might seem like pseudoscience to some, gardeners have cultivated plants with the rhythm of the moon for centuries with great success. Every year, cannabis growers manage to increase the vitality of their plants and enhance yields by cultivating weed using the lunar calendar.