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Even if growing outdoors, a lot of growers will start their seeds inside under an artificial light to help them through this delicate stage of marijuana growth.

Marijuana light cycle: 16 hours a day

The Spring Equinox is a good reminder that it’s time to kick off the outdoor growing process and start germinating your seeds.

Seedling stage

The weather will start to turn and the sun will begin descending in the sky as your plants fatten up with sweet, sticky buds. It might be tempting, but wait until around the Fall Equinox to start harvesting.

Flowering stage length: 8-11 weeks

The first marijuana plant stage begins with the seed. A cannabis seed should feel hard and dry, and be light- to dark-brown in color. An undeveloped seed is generally squishy and green or white in color and likely won’t germinate.

Take meticulous notes on when and how you perform each step, as well as what the weather is like. Other notes can include how much water you give plants, at what intervals, and how much nutrients you give them. Pictures will also give you a better sense of how your plants look along the way.

Seedlings do not require very much light and can easily be damaged or burned by excessive light or heat. As the plants ‘harden off’ or get used to their new environment, more light can be added. Insufficient luminous flux will cause your plants to stretch in an attempt to reach the light. This will result in tall, weak plants with long internodes. Strong light with insufficient blue light will give the same symptoms. Fluorescents including CFLs, metal halide and single band LEDS with at least 1/8 th of the emitters in the blue range will all perform satisfactorily. How long to veg your marijuana is entirely up to you. It depends on the strain, the size of your grow room and your goals, and could range from 0 days to many months; the average being in the 4-6 week range. Instead of a specific time frame, some farmers will veg until a certain height is reached, often 12 to 18”, with the knowledge that the plants will continue to double or even triple in size once flowering has begun.

While marijuana can actually veg just fine on pure blue light, a healthy dose of red with a small amount of blue is necessary for flowering.

Flowering light cycle