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marijuana hydroponic grow system with seeds

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b) Lighting hangers

After choosing your system, it’s important to prepare it well to prevent any detrimental situations. The damp and dark nature of water tanks is an ideal growing environment for a host of pathogens. Before running your system, you will need to sterilise your equipment to minimise the chances of contamination. Wipe down all of your buckets, trays, pipes, and tanks with rubbing alcohol, hot water, and peroxide. Once your system is sterilised, begin following the instructions to set it up correctly.


Strain selection is an important factor of hydroponic growing. Plants grown within these systems are free to uptake nutrients extremely fast, which often results in explosive and rapid growth. For this reason, selecting a large, towering sativa variety won’t be your best choice, especially if your system resides within an indoor grow tent.

Aeroponics is perhaps the most futuristic version of hydroponic growing, and uses misted water dispersed through the air to optimise aeration and hydration. Plants are placed into the top of a large tank of water filling the bottom 25%. Under the water is a pump that sends water into misters underneath the root systems. This fine mist constantly soaks the roots, allowing plants to receive massive quantities of air and water simultaneously.

As one of the most popular options, clay pebbles are excellent at aerating root systems. Clay pebbles sometimes require that growers alter the pH in order to provide an optimal growing environment, however, pre-altered pebbles can be purchased. You’ll need to place clay pebbles into a plastic hydroponic basket that has spaces for roots to grow through.

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) – Your plants are held in aggregate above a slightly tilted tray, with a thin film of nutrients flowing from top to bottom past the roots of your marijuana.

Drip irrigation hydroponics – Small emitters drip feed your marijuana plants from the top, near the main stem.

Ebb and Flow hydroponics – A basic but functional system with your pots situated in a tray above the reservoir. The reservoir pumps the nutrient solution up and into the pan which ‘flows’ past the pots and in turn feeds them. The nutrients solution is then allowed to ‘ebb’ away back into the reservoir. Wick System – A really basic system that is great for a couple of plants or if you are just starting out as there is no need for pumps, timers or aeration systems. Simply connect your pots with thick ‘wick’ dipped into the reservoir and capillary action will do the rest! Sea of Green – A Dutch growing method which produces a Sea of Green heads (kolas), we love it. Screen of Green – This is a Dutch growing method similar to Sea of Green, but using a screen to spread the leaves of each plant to maximize the amount of light they receive.