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marijuana haze seeds

Haze varieties are extraordinary sativa strains. Albeit, with a contentious and hazy history. Sam the Skunk Man boasts his version of Haze’s true origins, while the original “King of Cannabis” Nevil Schoenmakers provides a more plausible explanation for the lineage and subsequent refinement of Haze. But even his claims are not without their discrepancies.

Entire seed banks have been founded on a combination of Northern Lights, Skunk and Haze genetics. By successfully hybridising all three legendary varieties into one definitive Haze hybrid strain, Royal Queen Seeds gives you the Shining Silver Haze.


Concerning the very beginnings of Haze history, there isn’t much to be certain of. Both of the above parties unreservedly accredit the “Haze Brothers” from America’s West Coast as the creators of the strain. The brothers were known for cultivating a wide selection of sativa genetics, apparently growing everything from Thai to Colombian and even Mexican and South Indian strains as well. Occurring throughout most of the 1960’s and 70’s, crossing so many diverse landraces eventually resulted in what we know today as the original Haze hybrid.

Royal Queens Seeds was founded by sativa lovers, so it’s no surprise that some of the most extraordinary Haze varieties are to be found exclusively in the RQS Haze Collection. Genuine Haze is often imitated but never equalled. However, top-shelf Haze induces trippy, euphoric vibrations like no other weed around.

Sativa connoisseurs will choose Haze over other strains at a moment’s notice. Smoking Haze is a unique, mind-expanding experience. The polar opposite of the couch-locking Kush effect, Haze is far more psychedelic and cerebral than it is physical. Whereas heavy indicas turn off the lights, genuine Haze sparks the imagination. Always a 1st choice head stash for the Cloud Eaters, Haze is truly a strain for the dreamers among us.

Haze Feminized seeds, very popular almost legendary with good Sativa properties and a promise to almost reach heaven.

The level of THC is more than 22%; this can get some of the most experienced pot smokers to have a psychedelic experience.

Haze is a perfect mixture of all sorts of good strain seeds like Thai, Mexican and Colombian what makes Haze very wanted for all sorts of medical problems or just to make you feel good and relaxing.
Haze feminized is a pure Sativa kind that can grow out to be a very tall but bushy plant, her leaves are long and narrow shaped.
When the buds start to develop she’ll spread around a light sweet scent that intensifies when the buds are touched.
The dense relatively small buds are covered with shiny crystals and beautiful orange hairs.
Because she is a pure Sativa the effect you get from consuming her is high but without wearing you out, a very energetic though relaxing feeling will come over you and lingers on for a couple of hours, excellent for a night without any plans.

The effect is quite balanced. It kicks off with a sharp indica feeling that gradually carries on to a strong high. It offers a beautiful blend of the best qualities of both its parents and has a typical Christmas tree like shape.

The lovely haze flavour is something that’s taken the whole pot population by storm when it was first deduced. It has intense and quite sharp fruity taste with a hint of citrus flavour too. The aftertaste is quite earthy that is a mixture of black pepper, incense, and musk!

A load of salts and minerals will build up in Pure Haze Fem’s system and the medium due to its extra-long life cycle, giving the buds a chemical taste even after proper drying and curing. To leach out excess nutrients, strictly give plain water in the last two weeks before harvest.

Given its Sativa-dominant nature, Pure Haze Fem starts to work its magic swiftly after it’s consumed. It delivers a head high with initial effects felt as constriction around the temples and/or behind the eyes; warm flushing in the cheeks is also quite common. As the odd sensations subside, users will notice their thoughts move around rapidly in free association. Their attention would also be drawn to topics or objects that they would typically overlook when sober. This cerebral stimulation may allow for bouts of productivity on art-related or open-ended tasks. Additionally, smokers can enjoy the effects while working on day-to-day household chores like doing the laundry or the dishes.

Medical Application

If you’re not scrogging, you will need to set up a trellis or attach branches to stakes. Adding silica in small quantities in the nutrient solution throughout Pure Haze Fem’s entire life cycle will also strengthen its branches as the buds start to pack on weight during the flowering stage.

The only smallest, easiest, and fastest Haze variant to grow, Auto Haze Fem goes from seed to harvest in just 11 to 12 weeks. Its buds’ up to 20% THC offers balanced bodily effects coupled with an uplifting high ideal for easing anxiety.

As time ticks and/or more drags are taken, anticipate Pure Haze Fem’s relaxing body buzz to kick in. It spreads a sense of calm from the neck down to every limb, giving comfort that won’t immobilize. In the right setting or high enough doses, users may feel blissfully lethargic and prefer to curl up on cozy snuggle spots.