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A grow tent offers you a contained unit to grow your cannabis.

One of the most important benefits of a grow tent is that it creates an enclosed environment that is also controlled.

It also has an HPS 150 Watt light fixture with an HPS bulb.

Grow Tent Zippers And Seams

The full spectrum of the 300 watts LED grow light is a combination of blue and red wavelengths, which are crucial for successful growth.

The TopoGrow Grow Tent Kit contains a 100% consistently reflective diamond mylar that’s also waterproof.

The zippers and seams are two of the most common problems that are faced when using a grow tent.

The multiple vents offer filter and fan output. The kit also contains a heavy-duty 600D Oxford cloth.

Join the thousands of home growers who choose our kits and accessories to grow at home!

Our Complete Pot Grow Kits include everything you need to go from seed to harvest!

Every order comes shipped in discreet, privacy wrapped packaging.

Happy Home Growers

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Our grow kits are legal in all 50 states and across the globe.

Great! The kit is ALL INCLUSIVE, just add seed and water like they say. I am newer to growing but have been studying for a long time. Everything worked as promised out of the box. My plants are on day 24 and looking great! The support team has been great with questions and comments as well. They even over-nighted me a new pot saucer after mine showed up cracked. Great product and great team!

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