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marijuana female seeds for sale granddaddy purple

Christopher – June 15, 2018

Ian Tangles – April 9, 2019

Grand Daddy Purp Seeds give plants that accurately reflects two of their parents’ best traits: the deep purple hue of Purple Urkle and the large buds from Big bud. The deep purple buds pair well with the bright yellowish-orange pistils and frosty white trichomes that generously cover the bud, making it very eye-catching.

Grand Daddy Purple Seeds Yield

VeniceY – June 29, 2019

GDP is used to treat a wide range of physical & mental conditions. Plants you get from GDP seeds are probably the most widely used for managing pain relief. They are especially suitable for patients with chronic pain. The strain is also used to manage depression & anxiety in patients who are suffering from lack of sleep. GDP helps them have proper sleep & come out of depression with its powerful recreational effects. Some patients may need a higher than usual dose for the treatment of their medical conditions like joint & back pain.

Garret Josh – November 29, 2019

Although you can somehow control the flowering time, the plants will usually be ready to be harvested after 65 to 70 days. Most would agree that growing Granddaddy Purple feminized seeds is of moderate difficulty, which can make it difficult for absolute beginners. Plants grown from GDP seeds are resistant to mold and other infections & only require you to monitor humidity levels at around 50%. The strain can be grown both indoor and outdoor, but growth requires a well-ventilated space. Being an Indica makes it suitable to grow in low ceiling indoor environments. Outdoor, Grand Daddy Purple seeds grow best in warm, sunny, and humid climates with plants ready to be harvested in mid-October.

Grand Daddy Purple Strain is an indica dominant variety producing an awe-inspiring aroma and taste. It stays true to its lineage remaining short and bushy, producing multiple bud sites glistening in THC. Grand Daddy Purp is a high yielding, extremely potent strain generating large amounts of THC at each bud site. During flowering (8-9 weeks) the buds become big and dense and take on a beautiful dark purple tinge, generating huge amounts of shiny THC crystals. This highly resinous strain gives off an unbelievably sweet aroma with slight pine and sandalwood undertones. The sweetness comes through in the smoke with a delightful sweet grape taste. The buzz delivers an intense indica stone thanks to this strains high potency. Excellent medical strain, particularly for pain relief and insomnia. Suitable for indoor and outdoors. Fast becoming an iconic strain, buy it while you can!