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marijuana bubba grow seeds michigan

Thanks to home cultivation laws, you can also purchase cannabis seeds from Pacific Seed Bank and germinate your own seeds right at home. Michigan residents with proper documentation are permitted to grow up to 12 cannabis plants for personal use. There are specific rules to which your garden must adhere, though, so be certain to check with the laws in your region.

UK Cheese delivers a focused, creative, and productive brain function with notes of cheese, berries, and spice.

With our easy water glass and paper towel method, germination is actually one of the simplest steps in the cannabis lifecycle! All you need to do is soak your marijuana seeds in freshwater for up to 14 hours, then place them on a wet paper towel, cover them over, and keep them – consistently wet – in a dark, warm spot. Within a week, your marijuana seeds will have sprouted little white taproots, and you’ll know they’re ready to go into your soil or hydroponic medium and start growing healing flowers.

Is it Legal to Grow Marijuana Plants in Michigan?

Not sure what you’re looking for? Check out our extensive inventory, featuring detailed product descriptions and breakdowns of each strain, including THC content, grow time, effects, and yield. Find the seeds that are right for you, order online through our secure network, and we’ll deliver your seeds right to your door! It’s that simple!

Needless to say, the lines at these dispensaries are around the corner and down the street for blocks and blocks. Seriously, you can read about the marijuana hype in the news! With Pacific Seed Bank, you can skip the line every time to buy Michigan marijuana seeds.

You truly get the best of both words with Alien Bubba Autoflowering marijuana seeds. Very much a crowd-pleaser, this sativa-dominant hybrid can lead to increased laughter, giggles, and socialization. It’s the perfect happy-go-lucky strain to bring to happy hour or get the party started!

Red Headed Stranger is a sativa-dominant hybrid that will always treat you right. A cerebral buzz (courtesy of its 23% THC content) and physical relxation are delivered by these tall, slim plants that need an intermediate hand to harvest up to 450 grams of bud per plant.

When grown outside this plant will need a great deal of sun! It is most happy in a Mediterranean climate. The more heat the better for this strain. You will harvest your buds in October, providing that you have planted in May. This plant does amazing in and el fresco arrangement with the right conditions achieving 21 – 28 ounces per plant. Wowzers.

Sour Diesel x OG Kush Photo Fem is one of those epic wake-and-bake strains. Having a quick toke as you roll out of bed will pick up your mood and energize you, getting you ready for the day. The flavor may also leave you looking for a palate cleanser because it has a kerosene-like taste that will have a hint of lemon. With more spring in your step, the artist in you will be stimulated to do some creating.

Flowering Time For Bubba Kush Photo Fem Pot

With this one, we have a fast flowering variety of just 6-8 weeks. This is another one for getting you ready to sleep, but not before you have a great euphoric high that leaves you with the giggles. You will want to make sure you have snacks ready before settling in because this Afghan Kush Photo Fem tends to make people hungry. If you have space outside this strain does better out in sunny hot places.

This strain has also proven effective for those with disorders like PTSD, chronic stress, or anxiety. The fogging effect helps one forget their troubles even for a little while. The happiness bump is also something that can be helpful for those suffering from mental issues. It is powerful medicine when it can take away the edges off their negative emotions and allow for a peaceful night’s rest.

The Kush in this one will make for a great ride, soothing muscles, and making you relaxed. The Strawberry Cough parentage part of the high will be a pleasant cerebral buzz that leaves you chatty and energetic. Strawberry Kush Photo Fem follows through with its name. The pleasant taste of strawberry will fill your mouth, accompanied by nice herbal and musky flavors. If you are a new grower this is a great choice to go with.