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magnum auto marijuana seeds

Given its dimensions we don’t recommend growing indoors in big pots. Its large size makes it advisable for reduced spaces, small containers or late transplants, helping to control its height.

This plant reaches its peak outdoors. Sown in soil or large container, it grows vigorously to become a real monster, making the grower wonder if it’s really autoflowering.

The aromas and flavors of this variety have a fresh and spicy touch. Without forgetting its explosive power creating a cerebral high effect that raises its strength to the point of uncontrollable laughter.

This three-way hybrid, from the cross between the most powerful and productive varieties with rapid, vigorous growth and many branches, bursts into buds in the flowering stage.

Environment Indoor/Outdoor
Gender Feminized
Genetics Hybrid
Cultivation time 75 days / Autoflowering
Production m² 550 – 600 gr
Outside production per plant 100 – 250 gr
Taste Fresh and spicy
Effect Powerful and uncontrollable laughter effect

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Specialising in the growth and maintenance of auto flowering dwarf strains, Buddha Seeds has perfected regular and feminized seed versions of both their autoflowering marijuana seeds.


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Having built reputation on the quality of their products, Buddha Seeds are now a recognised seed bank worldwide and have been rewarded with recent wins at cannabis cups, including a prestigious award at Spannabis 2014. You can buy Buddha Seeds from Seedsman today.

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This autoflowering version of the popular Magnum strain has been honed to perfection, offering many of the most desirable qualities from each of the indica, sativa and ruderalis cannabis types. The resilience, ease of growing and high yields will provide even a beginer marijuana enthusiast with a rich reward, with the sparkling, invigorating high Magnum is known for able to lift your spirit and soothe your soul. All of these qualities combine to make Magnum Automatic one of the most versatile and universally satisfying strains money can buy.

Autoflowering Type

With deep green leaves and large pale green buds covered in creamy white trichromes, Magnum plants are typically understated in appearance. However all thoughts of subtlety are soon lost upon breaking open one of the typically large, crumbly buds. The sensational aroma begins with a strong hit of spice before receding slightly to allow a multitude of herbaceous floral notes to shine through, making for a wonderful first impression on the senses.

The auto flowering Magnum seeds are perfect for those who crave an easy and trouble free grow combined with high yields. Remaining relatively short in height, between 60-100cm, this variety can be expected to flower within 8 weeks of planting. The hardy nature and uniform density of the plants lend themselves to a wide range of growing conditions, with success enjoyed by both indoor and outdoor cultivators.

Despite Magnum’s typical indica appearance the high it delivers is pure sativa, combining energy boosting euphoria with a near unparalleled ability to relieve stress and anxiety. Often leading to fits of giggles and a state of calm trouble free relaxation, this a perfect candidate for those looking for an easy going wake and bake strain. Any side effects are generally limited to the familiar dry eyes and mouth, though consuming an excessive amount in one sitting has occasionally been known to lead to sensations of paranoia in less experienced smokers.