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In Spain, the outdoor cannabis growing season firmly starts in May. If you want to grow larger plants with lots of foliage, you’ll want to germinate your seeds indoors in April. Harvest time is in late October, although this can vary depending on the particular strain you’re growing.

(Málaga) Day length June 1st: 14h 31m
(Málaga) AVG temperature: 18–28°C


The commercialisation of cannabis remains illegal in Spain. However, adults can legally consume and cultivate cannabis in a private space as long as they do so for personal use and keep their plants out of public sight. Consuming, buying, or possessing cannabis in public is not a serious offence, but a misdemeanour punishable by a fine.

(Málaga) Day length May 1st: 13h 43m
(Málaga) AVG temperature: 14–24°C

Cannabis seedlings are super fragile, and you should keep them indoors for the first two weeks following germination. To grow strong, resilient seedlings, we recommend using our Starter Kit (which includes feminized or autoflowering seeds). Complete with a propagator, Easy Start starter pods, LED lighting, and perlite, this kit contains everything you need to start propagating your seeds.


Social clubs in Spain are sometimes compared to coffeeshops in the Netherlands, where you can (sort of) legally buy and smoke real cannabis that DOES contain the psychoactive ingredient THC. In Barcelona there are over a hundred social clubs, so cannabis in basically available everywhere. But in Madrid (2021), this seems to be a different story. Where are the cannabis social clubs in Madrid? Locals tell us that most, if not all, of the cannabis social clubs in Madrid have been closed down. There’s also stories of police officers waiting outside of the social clubs for people to come out and search them for any weed (that’s illegal to carry on the streets) in order to take away the weed and give a them a fine. There is basically no news to be found about these cannabis social clubs in Madrid from after 2019, so they seem to have disappeared or at least gone very private. To buy weed from a social club in Spain, you must also be introduced by an existing member of the club. So even if you’re able to find a club that’s still open, you need to know a local that can introduce you before you can buy anything or come inside to smoke. This basically eliminates the option of cannabis social clubs for tourist or temporary visitors of the city, and leaves you with only two choices: buying CBD-weed from a legal store, or buying “real” cannabis illegally from a dealer.

Because cannabis without THC is not prohibit by Spanish law (neither by most other European countries), it is legal to buy this product over-the-counter in the stores that sell this throughout the city. It is very easy to find, and the quality and flavor are usually good, although this product won’t get you high like normal weed that does contain THC. CBD is another cannabinoid that can relax you and have some minimal effects, but it won’t get you high like THC.

Eleva Store Flores Aromáticas (CBD Weed Shop)

If you’re a stoner visiting Madrid, you might be wondering how and where to buy weed in Madrid (Spain). Luckily for you, there are many places where you can buy cannabis (legally). In this article we explain the best ways to buy and smoke marijuana in the capital of Spain. We also answer some other important questions, such as: Is it legal to smoke indoors in Madrid? And is it legal to smoke on the streets of Madrid? If not, what are the fines?

The LEGALIZE Madrid CBD store is a great place to buy legal cannabis in Madrid. There’s over a dozen varieties of CBD weed and a few varieties of CBD Hashish (has) available, and you can see everything they have for sale through a glass counter. This makes it easy to make the right choice, although it’s a shame that this way you cannot decide based on smell like in many Dutch coffeeshops. If you’re looking for medical marijuana or medical cannabis oil (CBD oil, CBG oil in various strengths and quantities), you should definitely drop by Legalize Madrid to have a look at their large selection of these products. There’s also a lot of CBD creams and skincare products, CBD foods such as cookies and tea, and basically anything else you can imagine with CBD. Even CBD vapes!

Cannabis Store Amsterdam may be the most beautiful chain of CBD shops in Madrid. You can buy many different strains of legal CBD weed in this shop, without registering or being a resident of Spain. All you need to do is say what you want, pay, and that’s it!

If you’re on vacation in Spain and you’ve bought a little more weed than you really needed, it may be tempting to take it back home with you. Please never do this: it is illegal to traffic cannabis from Spain into other countries, and the consequences can be big. Taking cannabis back home with you to another country is a bad idea. It’s just not worth it.