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m8 marijuana seeds

M8 is a very potent sativa-dominant strain with very high, skyrocketing THC from 20 to 30%. Such strength and potency may be too much for a first time user, so exercise caution if you’re new to taking cannabis. And in the garden, M8 needs a lot of room considering its sativa lineage.

M8 is a highly potent sativa strain that goes with a decent THC percentage. With 20- 30% THC, you can expect all the best things of a great high-THC cannabis strain. This makes her suitable for the adventurous smokers out there.

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A Potent Sativa Smoke

Despite her unknown origin, her potency is already a good reason to make her a must-try. She belongs to rare high-THC cannabis strains. Her psychoactive strength is just enough to keep you glued to the sofa for hours. Her excellent THC content allows her to give an extraordinary psychoactive buzz and mental stimulation that you need.

Since she is a sativa strain, she tends to stretch horizontally as she grows. However, she surprisingly grows into a medium-sized plant. Finding the perfect for her is too easy. You can grow her indoors, considering her stature. You can also grow her outdoors. She is not a picky lady, so you have no reason to hesitate to add her to your garden.

M8 Feminized Marijuana Seeds is an all-female sativa-dominant cannabis strain with high THC at 23 percent, which means it’s very stimulating and energizing. It is an average-sized strain but can produce up to 1000 grams per plant outdoors and up to 550 grams per square meter indoors. It is an energetic, euphoric, and relaxing strain with earthy, citrus, and lemon flavors.

M8 is a complex hybrid created by the mix of Skunk, Northern Lights, and a secret hybrid. This strain is known to cause overwhelming mental effects due to its extremely high levels of THC that reach as high as 30%. This very potent strain tastes like freshly squeezed lemon mixed with spice and mint. With its high THC content, its goal is to bring joy and spread happiness to its users. Every toke will bring you closer to a state of epiphany where mental clarity is achieved. Soon, you will be lying on the floor laughing and slowly fade into a state of sedation.

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A Complicated Mix Filled With Secrecy

This hybrid strain is also the effective medical marijuana. It can temporarily fend off feelings of negativity brought upon by depression as well as agitated feelings of anxiety. Apart from its anti-depressant properties, the high levels of THC also make it a very excellent analgesic. Growing this weed outdoors works best for the plant as it loves to be exposed under the warm sunlight.

Terpenes play a pivotal role in the therapeutic effects and overall efficacy of marijuana strains. For one, these aromatic oils work alongside THC and other cannabinoids, magnifying their touted medicinal properties. On top of that, each terpene also has distinct health-promoting benefits.

M8 enjoys a hodgepodge of mental and physical effects that can be immensely beneficial to the medical community. It calms the mind and prevents racing thoughts, making it potentially useful for treating chronic stress, anxiety, and depression. On top of that, it could also take the edge off persistent pains and aches, such as those induced by migraines, arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and PMS. Finally, this strain also has highly sedative and soothing properties, which will undoubtedly have insomniacs feeling heavy-eyed in no time.

But if you’re willing to shell out money and dedicate time and resources, rest assured that your hard work will be well-rewarded. M8 doesn’t need a lot to be happy. First, maintain a comfortable temperature at all times. Keep an eye on the relative humidity levels, and prune or trim the plants as needed to encourage proper airflow. To coax out higher yields while maximizing the available space, we strongly recommend the Sea of Green (SOG) method. If everything goes as planned, this hybrid will generate up to 19.4 ounces (550 grams) of gluey buds per square meter.


This hybrid’s elongated colas have a fluffy, Sativa-like structure. The buds themselves are lightly packed and covered with a generous dusting of diamond-like trichomes. This gives the nugs a frosty appearance and also makes them extremely sticky to the touch. Fiery orange pistils and lawn green-colored sugar leaves stand out against the stark whiteness.

The plants have the wide internodal spacing typical of Sativa strains. In other words, the foliage tends to be sparse, making it an absolute breeze to maintain. The leaves are also long and narrow. Altogether, it means that you’re less likely to encounter issues with moisture, airflow, and light penetration. When pruning, focus on the dead leaves and the auxiliary branches. This will prompt the plants to direct their energy to the main flowering sites, resulting in improved growth and productivity.

Many people prefer to grow cannabis indoors. Perhaps the top reason is that it provides better control over the growing conditions, making it much easier to equip the plants with what they need every step of the way. This, in turn, translates to more robust growth and greater yields. And since there’s no reliance on the outdoor seasonal changes, one could grow marijuana plants all-year-round, which means having an endless supply of top-shelf buds. One notable downside, though, is that it can be costly. Maintaining an indoor grow operation also demands some time and effort.

As far as Sativa-dominant varieties go, M8 Fem is reasonably undemanding to cultivate, making it well-suited even for beginners. The plants are medium-sized and generally don’t exceed 150 cm (approximately 5 feet) in height. So, you should be able to grow this strain indoors or out with relative ease. If you’re short on vertical space or prefer to be more discreet, you could always train the crops to limit their vertical expansion. Now, you don’t have to worry about your neighbors discovering your stealth weed grow operation.