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low grade marijuana seeds

Check out some of our best low-THC strains below. Sow these seeds for a stash that will keep you productive and inspired, without getting you too stoned.

This fast-flowering strain pairs moderate levels of THC with quick and easy harvests. Her dense and frosty flowers produce a THC level of 16% alongside an array of fruity, peppery, and piney terpenes. You’ll certainly feel the effects of THC after smoking or vaping these buds, but the high is comfortable and controlled. Enjoy hours of motivation and focus, without any sensations of sleepiness or lethargy. Opt for these flowers during the day to stay engaged and productive.

Speedy Chile

Royal CBDV Automatic serves as another source of novel cannabinoids, and demonstrates the innovative spirit of the team at RQS. CBDV is a non-psychotropic cannabinoid that works in a unique way with the endocannabinoid system. Royal CBDV Automatic offers high levels of both CBDV and CBD alongside a THC level of 0.3%. Smoke or vape these earthy flowers whenever you require some good vibes without a high.

Royal CBG Automatic stems from an ambitious breeding project involving a high-CBG strain and Holiat Auto. Eventually, our skilled breeders developed a stable phenotype that meets the legal THC requirements for hemp in many countries. This speedy strain is ready to harvest only 9–10 weeks after sprouting. Prepare to rake in up to 450g/m² from indoor plants, and between 30–50g/plant from those cultivated outdoors.

Not only does Royal CBG Automatic contain the lowest THC level in our entire archive, but she also produces cannabinoids rarely found elsewhere. With a THC content of 0.09%, she produces no psychotropic effect whatsoever. Instead, large quantities of CBD and CBG exert a clear-headed and soothing sensation. These molecules synergise to relax the muscles and centre the mind. You can smoke these vanilla-flavoured buds all day long without getting stoned.

You may see ‘cannabis’ misspelled as ‘canabis’ and you may also see it referred to by different names such as ‘Mary Jane’, ‘Weed’, ‘Bud’, ‘Hemp’, ‘Ganja’ and ‘Dope’.

CBD Sour Lemon 1 to 1 Fem This Sativa-dominant strain boasts the ‘golden ratio’ of 1:1 THC/CBD and can be used to alleviate symptoms of stress, pain and anxiety. With a rich terpene profile and an aroma of fresh apple pie, medicine has never tasted so good!

Some plants naturally contain lower levels of THC than others, and the same can be said for their CBD make-up. Sometimes, though, breeders will deliberately alter the genetic make-up of a plant by hybridizing, crossing, and backcrossing. Backcrossing is a process where a plant is crossed with its own parent, which usually helps bring out certain traits such as flavor, aroma, effects or ease of growth.

Interesting Facts About Low THC Pot Seeds

CBD OG Kush 1 to 15 Fem The combination of lemon, fuel, woody and spicy notes contained within this strain’s complex bouquet is simply irresistible. It’s a champion plant that’ll allow you to stock up your pantry with a whole stash of tasty, CBD-rich buds. If you’re looking for a heavy yield, this strain is a safe bet.

Aside from delivering a buzz that is generally considered mellower, low THC strains are also unlikely to cause unpleasant side-effects such as dizziness, headaches, paranoia or anxiety. They rarely lead to extreme drowsiness or couch-lock (a heavy, stoned feeling that makes movement very difficult).

THC is the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis. It’s responsible for the ‘high’ effect that many recreational users enjoy. Broadly speaking, the higher the THC levels found in a plant, the more potent the psychoactive effect will be. Common effects associated with THC include giggling, heightened sensitivity to surroundings (especially to audio and visual stimuli), euphoria, a boost in cerebral vigor, and a sudden increase in appetite (often referred to as the ‘munchies’). Many people think that these effects are the primary reasons people smoke or ingest marijuana, but the truth is that there’s much more to this versatile plant than simply getting high.

The various laws surrounding cannabis products (and the cannabinoids they contain) can be very complicated, and they often vary from state to state. In some states, you can simply walk into a dispensary and buy low THC buds straight off the shelf. But there are a number of advantages to buying seeds and making your own from scratch. First, you get complete control over the grow method, location, choice of medium and substrate, and so on, which is great for providing peace of mind when it comes to consuming them.