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lid of marijuana seeds and stems

Healthy cannabis plants look vibrant and green, and any sort of discoloration on a plant’s leaves or stems can be a sign of nutrient stress.

Unfortunately, by the time your seedlings show the first signs of damping off (a limp and discoloured stem), there’s nothing you can do to save them. We just recommend removing the affected seedlings from your grow room or propagator ASAP to avoid spreading the fungi.

• Overwatering


Cannabis seeds need four things in order to germinate: moisture, warmth, darkness, and time. To ensure you grow healthy seedlings, germinate your seeds using one of the following techniques.

Remember, rapid growth and vibrant green foliage are telltale signs of healthy seedlings.

Alternatively, use the RQS Autoflowering or Feminized Starter Kits to provide your seeds with the perfect conditions from the get-go. This kit contains starter pots filled with perlite and beneficial bacteria, as well as a propagator and lights to breathe life into your seeds. carla

• RQS Starter Kits

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Now all plants were cloned, by taking cuttings from a mother plant. Female cuttings grew into female plants and yielded a very potent product.

John [a.k.a. Trolley]], You’re certainly a good listener with great self-restraint. And your information looks good.

Re: Why a "lid"

Pretty cute, Edwin.

<1971 “Lid, one ounce of marijuana, a quantity by which it is sold.”—Underground Dictionary by E. G. Landy, page 120> [[an ounce ± ? and is it washed?]]

<1968 “We had almost two lids of Acapulco Gold.”—Pale Gray for Guilt (1969, U.K.) by J. D. MacDonald, xii. page 152>

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