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legend og marijuana seeds

Legend OG buds feature a tapered pinecone shape. The leaves are a mix of mossy green and yellow colors, with curly orange trichomes massaging their way through the buds. The flower formation represents the absolute best in indica genetics. Her leaves spiral inwards to create a very dense indica structure.

Legend OG strain is a definite creeper. The first stage of the high is pleasantly mild and cerebral. Gradually, smokers begin to feel a warm headed flushing sensation on the cheeks and forehead. As these initial sensations fade, users undergo a trance-like mindset marked by patterns of random thoughts. LOG tends to amplify procrastination and keep you daydreaming. After roughly an hour, Legend OG strain begins to produce a radiating relaxation that can be felt through the core and extremities. Deep breathing and a couch-lock state soon follow. The calming effects of Legend OG are best suited for evening or nighttime use.


Legend OG possesses the beloved kush smell. A twist of fuel and lavender combines with an earthy and pine-like experience. Properly cured buds have an addictive fruity citrus flavor with a sweet and smooth exhale. A second whiff may pick up on some light herbal accents. Grinding up the dried buds produces the dank, earthy scent we experience from high-quality Kush family strains. Smoking Legend OG in a pipe or joint creates a smooth, savory smoke with tangy and sweet flavors on the exhale.

Legend OG blesses us with a 24% THC content that may prove to be a natural replacement for some synthetic drugs. The thoroughly relaxing body high provides direct pain-reducing effects. Legend OG has a CBD level of 0.5%. CBD can be helpful to people experiencing chronic pain, sleeplessness, seizures, appetite loss, and migraines. Too much intake of this strain may cause itchy eyes, dry mouth, dizziness, and headaches.

Legend OG /LOG is an indica dominant hybrid 70/30 cannabis strain created as a clone-only OG Kush variety. Legend OG offers a dynamic flavor profile teamed with a balanced high and lovely Kush aromas.

Commercial cannabis growing is a highly competitive market and bottom lines are getting much more difficult to maintain. Buying wholesale seeds from Weed Seeds will help out with that. Our wholesale seeds are sourced from singular batches and produce consistent results from the first seed to the last. The seeds are delivered right to your door so you can focus on doing what you love and growing great ganja.

Buying bulk cannabis seeds has another very important role. It helps seed breeders develop new strains. Breeders need a constant and reliable supply of seeds in order to cross strains and create new ones that we all get to enjoy. This cannot be accomplished with 2 seeds at a time. Many growth cycles are needed to perfect the characteristics and traits of experimental marijuana strains. You never know, you may be the next brilliant cultivator who develops a new hybrid strain with the bulk seeds you sourced from Weed Seeds. Order up your bulk Legend OG seeds and get growing in a new direction today.

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Buy Bulk Legend OG Photo Feminized Online

Not only will Legend OG be one of the more memorable cannabis strains you have had in a while, but it also produces yields that will keep you smoking dank weed for some time. Indoors, this strain offers up one-pound yields on average and sprouts up to one and a half pounds outdoors when raised in ideal conditions. Legend OG does not have any downsides to it and you will enjoy everything about growing it and smoking it. The only thing left to do is get the seeds and you can find them at Weed Seeds.

Fabric growing containers will allow the roots to prune themselves and prevent any tangling or clumping, and 10 gallons or bigger gives more than enough room for the roots to spread, thereby producing a healthy, robust plant. The next component to the equation is soil and the quality is as important as the lighting. Organic PH balanced growing soil is readily available from both big box stores and small garden shops or you could make it yourself with the help of tutorial videos online.

Legend OG is not known to be a beginner-friendly strain, but novice cultivators are encouraged to give it a go. The seeds for Legend OG are feminized making them a sure thing to produce a healthy yield of curable buds and easing any concerns about growing unwanted male plants. Bright lights will help her thrive, so a 600-watt sodium lamp or equivalent LED is recommended to achieve the biggest possible yield. The structure of the plant itself is stout, compact, and bushy which lends well to the Screen of Green (ScrOG) technique. This method is where plants are grown, literally, through a mesh or screen. During the entire blooming phase, all of the flowers will be at the same distance from the lamp, which produces quality harvests that are homogeneous and almost identical.

Using the same strain every day has its benefits, but so does growing some companion strains alongside it to change things up now and then. Growing multiple strains with similar genetics will help you knock it out of the park when the time comes to harvest. Check out the suggestions below for your next green garden-grow.