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It is in a legal state. Could I not do it through an online store as long as I had all the tax and business things needed? I'm trying to go legit, not stoner on a hunch.

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It's not a gray area, that's something idiots tell themselves to make themselves feel better. Don't do this unless you're in a legal state selling only intra state and not through the mail.

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I was reading up recently as I didn't know this was the case, but apparently it's completely legal to own any number of cannabis seeds, just illegal to actually cultivate and then sell/use. Why?

Well the seed itself does not contain any of the controlled substance. Neither does the plant though for a while after germination but I suppose once germinated you have sparked a process that if not interrupted is going to result in you possessing a controlled substance. It's difficult to argue anyone would ever grow a cannabis plant for fun without the intention of using it's dodgy side.

None of this has stopped other countries from outlawing possession of seeds though. I suspect the reason why the UK has not done so is maybe the difficulty in proving what a seed is actually from. I have not done an extensive study of every seed out there but I am sure there are probably lots of seeds from other plants that could be indistinguishable until you germinate them. They are also said to occur a lot in bird seed so there is also a chance of possessing one without knowing you do. Again though such things have not stopped other countries and I must admit I am surprised no serious effort seems to have been made in the UK to outlaw them when the seed trade itself is fairly blatant and open. It would be an easy "won't someone think of the children" win for some MP to start campaigning on this front.

Hello guys! Me and a friend decided to grow weed in his apartment. We discussed it all but here's my concern:

Theres literally a shop, in my country (where weed is illegal) that sells smoking devices. But besides bongs and other stuff they also sell cannabis seeds. And I wonder, how safe is it? I mean, how can cannabis seeds be legal if cannabis itself isn't? The shop is trusted, and the seeds costs a lot (so it's legit). Have you ever seen something like this? Thanks.