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Recreational use of cannabis is illegal in the Tobacco State , but reform is on the horizon. Politicians have been pushing bills to legalize, tax, and regulate the industry for years now. Stores that sell marijuana seeds in Kentucky might become a reality soon.

Those breeding indica seeds should be careful about the humidity. These tight buds could quickly become a breeding ground for mold and rot.

Recreational marijuana in Kentucky

If you’re wondering, “Is weed legal in Kentucky,” check out this detailed report, but here’s a quick rundown in the interim.

If you’re a fan of sativas , skip those with longer growing periods. Strains that flower in up to ten weeks are your best bet when it comes to Kentucky marijuana seeds .

This state is the leader in American hemp production, but it’s not as lenient towards non-commercial growers . The regulations regarding cannabis seeds in Kentucky are stern and conservative. There’s hope that you’ll be able to enjoy a blunt with your KFC, though.

It is hard to go wrong with Seedsman as it is a top seed bank with years of expertise in coming up with the best seeds consumers want. Compared to other seed banks that ship to the US, this one has a huge catalog of top cannabis breeders. You can now be sure to get high-quality seeds all the time.

Seed Supreme was established in 2013 in England. Compared to other online seed banks, it is fairly new. However, that has not stopped it from being a top choice for many people buying marijuana seeds for sale.

4. Quebec Cannabis Seeds

The best seed banks are likely to deliver to the US; however, not all of them will do that. Once you get to the official website of the company, check under the shipping policies. From this page, you will know where the company ships to and if the US is covered. Sometimes due to restrictions, not all seedbanks would ship to the US.

Also, there are value packs too as part of their products. This is where you can get discounts depending on how many cannabis seeds you buy. Well, paying is also simple as the company can accept a debit card, credit card, and other methods of payment.

You will also like the auto-flowering seeds from the company. They are all about improving your cannabis farming experience.