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Born 1954 & raised in Vancouver BC, Started puffin Weed in 1966′ age 12, My Buddies Older Brother went down to 4th. ave in Kitsilano and scored off the hippies….back then it was all Compressed Kilos of seed weed Mexican,
Seemed like they just tossed in handfuls of seeds in the bricks, we even found Peyote buttons in them….Then Some sensimilla made its way up Gorraro, Yucatan Panama even Acapulco, then different kinds of Columbian Gold Chocolate. There was actually homegrown weed being sold here in the early ’70s it was pounds and pounds of leaf with no bud in it…This gave homegrown a bad name that took many years to break out from. The Jamaican came in so hard-pressed we would heat it up with microwave to get it apart, bout that time the odd bit of super Californian bud was sneaking its way up …and some Maui Wowie made its way across the Pacific from Hawaii into Van. Then the untied Thai was coming in massive loads on mother ships …there was one load that was in vac-packed kilos with paper tags in them with an Eagle on it and it was the kill …lol…Outdoor finally cleaned up its act got organized and up to the times and started pumping out seedless bud …then around 1984//85 people slowly started growing indoor weed here, and It’s popularity took off like wildfire. In the beginning, LB.’s were going for 36 hun. The last big load of untied Thai came in about that time and didn’t do to well the indoor was all the rage. As the years passed if was all indoor and outdoor which kinda peaked at around 23 and then the teens …when 9-11 happened in 2001 the boarders tightened up and we came to a grinding halt on the exports south which caused a huge glut and prices fell dramatically ….In the past couple years to now, the outdoor hit an all-time low around 500/lb and the indoor anywhere from 900 to mid-range kushes etc around 12-14 hun and the high ends /Trip.s up to 17 & 18 hun/lb….
…Then there is the “”Turn Hashish into Ashe’s”” Saga … But I’ll save something for tomorrow … East Van Guy.


Landrace cannabis seeds list of pure landrace sativa and landrace indica strains to buy in 2021. While many old-school landrace strains are hard to find, having been lost or outbred with time, a few breeders/collectors offer rare locale-adapted and sourced cannabis seeds, giving growers around the world access to resilient genetics for various climates.

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If you want to buy some landrace seeds how do you know if a strain is landrace? Can you trust the claimed landrace strains list from a breeder? As with most cannabis seeds on sale today, the buyer simply has to trust the vendor claims. It helps if you choose a cannabis seed company with a reputation you can trust and a successful track record established over many decades. Choose your cannabis seeds carefully and enjoy growing your next crop!

The discerning cannabis seed buyer usually has quite specific requirements for their autoflower seeds or feminised seeds. Often they want a specific type of genetic background with demanding performance features. That could be, for example, a fast auto harvest with high THC levels. You could try to source some landrace ruderalis seeds which would provide you a rapid crop. But if you want high THC levels as well you would need to buy some modern autoflower seeds. Landrace ruderalis seeds simply wouldn’t provide the potency. That principle runs through many of the landrace seed options. They may offer some of the features wanted by the grower, but not necessarily all of them.

This has resulted in most landrace strains being somewhat changed from their original pure genetic state. This will sound disappointing to the old school purists. But the breeding work was done for good reasons. Without it, many landrace strains would simply be rejected by modern growers for e.g. being low yielding or with low THC levels. Most of todays cannabis growers don’t mind the fact that landrace sativa seeds were crossed to create some modern sativa crosses with shorter bloom times than e.g. the original landrace Thai sativa.

How do you know if a cannabis strain is a true landrace?

Genetics from the best of the landrace weed strains have been used extensively when breeding modern strains. Girl Scout Cookies, for example, uses Durban Poison genetics. The following Dutch Passion strains are all largely based on landrace genetics with only a modest amount of modern tweaking.

Landrace indica genetics saw increasing popularity as hippy travellers began visiting these regions in the 1960’s, returning home with landrace indica seeds. Conflict in the 1970’s saw many international military personnel also return landrace indica seeds to the west. Some original landrace indica strains include the following:

Anyone looking for an easy to grow sativa with generous yields and a deliciously enjoyable high should take a close look at Power Plant. This unusual African sativa bends a few rules when it comes to delivering heavy harvests of THC rich buds. The plants are ready to harvest much quicker than most sativas. In good conditions, Power Plant is ready to harvest after around 8 weeks of bloom. Yields are very generous too. THC levels are high, Power Plant seeds are part of the Dutch Passion Classics collection.

Landrace cannabis seeds have a fond place in the heart of many cannabis growers. But it’s also fair to say that many of todays cannabis growers perhaps prefer the properties and features of modern cannabis seeds, which may contain landrace genetics. But the best contemporary cannabis seeds also tend to have many of the features demanded by modern growers such as fast bloom times, heavy harvests, high THC levels etc.