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Another possible reason for this rarity is that breeders and seed banks treat their collection of heirloom strains as trade secrets. They would rather use them to create hybrids rather than make them available to the public. Whether or not this is a bad thing is a conversation for another day.

Marijuana landrace strains are the oldest strains in the world. They grow naturally and without human interference. Over time, as the plants adjust to their unique environments, their genetics stabilize. Since landraces have never been contaminated by other species (by cross-breeding), their genetics are deemed pure.

Landrace strains are cannabis plants indigenous to a specific geographical location. Over time, these plants have adapted to local conditions like soil, climate and the presence of other flora and fauna. Environmental changes cause the plants to evolve, resulting in variations in physical characteristics and genetic make-up: the phenotype and genotype. Every original landrace strain carries its history and geographical roots in its genome.

Why Heirlooms Strains Are Rare

Master breeders, employing selective breeding and advanced techniques, continue to create new marijuana hybrids boasting unique traits. For homegrowers researching the next project, there are two terms that pop up all the time – landrace and heirloom. Are these two one and the same? More importantly, what are they and what is their contribution to the diversity of the species?

While browsing the catalogues of cannabis seed banks, you may have come across landrace marijuana strains. Some of the more popular ones include Acapulco Gold, Durban Poison, Hindu Kush, and Pure Afghan.

Heirlooms can trace their roots to the cannabis connoisseurs of the 60s and 70s who trekked through the Hippie Trail to get hold of landraces. They brought the seeds home, cultivating them under different growing conditions. Eventually, they started cross-pollinating the strains, giving birth to novel hybrids.

The seeds of marijuana heirloom strains are passed down from one generation of cannabis cultivators to another. Because of their genetic purity, the parents and their offspring share very similar characteristics. This allows breeders to identify and isolate desirable traits such as flavor, aroma, growth characteristic or adaptability.

Kwik Seeds also refuses to sell Cannabis seeds to anybody who it believes may intend to use them illegally for the purposes of germination or cultivation.

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