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День 29 (7/15) – Первый день пятой недели и первая неделя цветения. Оба цветка, наконец, показывают пестили, но CP имеет гораздо больше показать прямо сейчас. Когда растения получат около 12 дюймов, я добавлю сетку в палатке, чтобы помочь с ветками. У них все еще есть space, чтобы расширяться и расширяться. Дал растениям полив день или два назад с некоторыми добавленными Calmag. У некоторых листьев был небольшой недостаток, поэтому я хотел убедиться, что я получил это для них.

Хорошо выглядите! В настоящее время я выращиваю 2 из тех же штаммов Kush XL и всего неделю или около того позади вас. :zany_face:

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The Classic Herb Made To Perfection

Kush XL Autoflower is among the many hybrids that came from a landrace that started in the Hindu Kush region. The Hindu Kush is an area near Afghanistan that has the ideal environment for the cultivation of marijuana. This specific strain of cannabis looks like it follows its parent’s strains with its ease of cultivation and production. Known to be sturdy and resilient, this Indica dominant strain has one of the fastest flowering time.

Additional Information

Kush XL Autoflower is a hybrid that hails from a powerful landrace strain. It is a very potent strain with quicker flowering times and faster harvests. It is indica-dominant and has amazing therapeutic properties. It will stop medical conditions like pain, muscle strains, stress, anxiety, depression, and many more. It is an ideal strain for relaxation before sleeping or during a quiet and lazy afternoon.

Cultivated for its medicinal properties, this strain uses a lot of its effects as a means of providing therapy to people who have been living with chronic pain. The euphoria one would feel after smoking this weed causes an uplifted spirit and unlimited happiness. Gone are the days when you feel lost and depressed. This herb gets you going and creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere, which is a perfect and ideal weed to smoke in the evening or a private gathering.

When it’s tough to wind down after a long day, Kush XL Auto-flowering marijuana seeds have got your back. The characteristic indica “couch-lock” provided by this strain is ideal for bringing on the kind of deep-seated relaxation you need to quiet your mind and catch some much needed z’s.

Setting up your grow room? Kush XL Auto-flowering marijuana seeds can thrive indoors or out, regardless your level of marijuana gardening expertise. This strain is combination of the infamous OG Kush and Russian-born Ruderalis, one that evolved out of necessity to naturally switch from the vegetative stage to flowering once it reaches a certain point in its development; a feature that makes it that much easier to get Kush XL from germination to harvest.


If you’re looking to chill out, indicas are the way to go, and Kush XL Autoflowering marijuana seeds bring you this quality with a sweet, earthy taste that will leave you happy, relaxed, and stress-free.

Kush genetics (from the Hindu Kush mountains) are most often sought out for their potent sedative qualities and their tendency to invoke meditative introspection. Kush XL benefits from these qualities (indicative of its 60% indica heritage), which explains why we recommend saving this strain for nighttime use.

Despite being vertically challenged, the tight, chunky buds of Kush XL more than make up for its small stature. Ready to take advantage of what Kush XL Auto-flowering marijuana seeds can offer? Place your order now!