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kentucky marijuana seeds

For a sweet, caramel strain, try Cream Autoflowering marijuana seeds. Insomnia and stress don’t stand a chance when you light up this tasty bud. Easy to grow indoors and out, you’ll get a moderate yield from this guy.

Now, all this being said, it remains *legal* to purchase marijuana seeds in Kentucky. We know, confusing, right? How can marijuana seeds be legal but plants are not? This has to do with the chemical compounds found in seeds versus matured plants. As marijuana seeds do not contain THC and CBD, they’re technically legal in all 50 states as long as you do not attempt to germinate or harvest them. Some people purchase marijuana seeds to keep around the house as a healthy snack or collector’s item.

Cream Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Jamaican Dream Auto is often used as a medical strain to help patients with pain and seizures. The happy vibe of this hybrid can also benefit users with depression and mood swings.

Looking to buy marijuana seeds in Kentucky? Pacific Seed bank has got you covered! Although it is illegal to grow your own marijuana plants in Kentucky, you can still buy marijuana seeds online as “adult novelty items”. Browse our inventory to find the seeds that are right for you, order online through our secure network, and get your seeds delivered directly to your door! Have questions about the buying process or need help navigating our website? Get in touch with our knowledgeable customer service representatives here. It’s easy to get cannabis seeds through Pacific Seed Bank, so order today!

Despite its overall chemically pungent aroma reminiscent of wet dog, Dogwalker OG marijuana is an indica-dominant hybrid that is more likely to put you to bed then take you on an excursion. Ideal for growers with intermediate experience, the high-THC plant will be harvest ready after 9-10 weeks flowering.

The state itself is densely populated, with 4,467,673 people calling it home. The commonwealth of Kentucky joined the union in 1792 with a large population of 73,000. You may not know that these people created the state by breaking off from Virginia, making it the 15th state in the union. The other surrounding 6 states joined slowly over the next 100 years. The bordering states are Ohio, Missouri, West Virginia, Tennessee, Virginia, Illinois, and Indiana.

Be wary of the pH content of the soil before you secure your cannabis seeds. If you plant in a natural soil garden, make sure the pH range is between 6 and 7. However, if you are using hydroponics, consider between 5.5 and 6.5.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Kentucky?

Buying marijuana seeds in Kentucky is very easy. It is even easier if you are reading this article. We have a seamless way of presenting you with our Ganja Seeds Store. Simply go online and browse through our catalog, order, and pay. Done! We will promptly ship it out to you, and in time, you will receive your discreetly wrapped package.

The bluegrass that grows in Kentucky is not the only thing the region is known for. It has the most extensive cave system in all of the US and boasts the most rivers. Kentucky bourbon is among the finest, though the state it is also known for moonshine. If you ever wondered where KFC came from, the older generations know it by its original name, Kentucky Fried Chicken. Yes, Colonel Sanders came from Kentucky and so did Bluegrass music if that was not obvious.

Kentucky cannabis seeds do not need excess watering. This can lead to waterlogging of the plant pot, which will block off oxygen. This effectively chokes the plant and results in poor seeds or even death.