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kalifah kush marijuana seed for sale

Created by the rapper himself, Khalifa Kush is a daytime indica strain that leaves you happy and in the mood to socialize with others, whether it’s friends, coworkers, or even strangers.

If you’re a fan of Wiz Khalifa (yes, the world-famous rapper), then you’re likely going to love the Khalifa Kush marijuana strain. The “See You Again” singer created this indica-dominant hybrid to create a happy and relaxing experience for his fans. Even though some indica strains can be described as lazy, Khalifa Kush actually provides a gentle wave of energy that’s ideal for socializing and social events.


With a little Khalifa Kush in your system, you may be in the mood to hang out with friends, laugh at your favorite comedy movie, or head out to happy hour with coworkers. Khalifa Kush can uplift your mood and keep negative thoughts at bay. Because of these effects, Khalifa Kush can be used to combat stress and depression. Users also note that this hybrid can leave you with a rumbling stomach, so it’s best to have snacks nearby.

If there’s one person we can count on to make good weed, it’s the rap community of Hollywood. First, there was Snoop Dogg, and now we have Wiz. The nugs of Khalifa Kush marijuana plants look like green popcorn, small and dense. Khalifa Kush is best-suited for daytime activities and morning use. You don’t want to waste this cheerful high by falling asleep.

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Khalifa Kush specifications

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Smoke the KK & you’ll have a good day day & it makes all your pain & stress go away away. You already know what it is. Motivating yet relaxing. Try it in a paper plane & you’ll be in cloud 9 vibes. Gang.

Lisa Svensson from Wallis and Futuna