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kali mist marijuana seeds

To avoid adverse effects, it’s important to buy Kali Mist seeds from reputable vendors like

The taste of Kali Mist is often described as a fascinating blend of sweet fruity flavors and spices. Kali Mist users have also reported notes of earthiness, pine, and herbs.

Please keep in mind, Kali Mist can induce psychedelic states at times. Some users might report effects that can verge on paranoia, especially if they take too much Kali Mist.

Medicinal Application

Kali Mist seeds aren’t the easiest to grow, but they are quite forgiving for a Sativa. As long as you use basic low-stress training and accommodate for the strain’s height, you shouldn’t have issues growing a few Mist seeds.

Kali Mist is one of the world’s most prized—and mysterious—sativas, placing first and third for two High Times Cannabis Cups. Although we don’t know this strain’s exact genetics, users can’t get enough of its energizing high. Ideal for daytime use, Kali Mist seeds are a great choice for intermediate growers interested in sativa cultivation.

Test germinated one seed and up popped a nice seedling in 5-6 days. Should be a good growing strain.

Expert growers often say Kali Mist seeds are best grown indoors because they need a consistent and temperate climate to flourish. If you live in an area with reliably sunny weather till November, you could technically plant Kali Mist seeds outdoors. Just keep in mind this plant can soar upwards of 10 feet.

Whoever said smoking messes with your brain and concentration clearly never tried Kali Mist marijuana seeds. In fact, the opposite is true with this strain. Kali Mist is known to deliver a clear-headed energy every single time. It may be a perfect alternative for heavy coffee drinkers who want that same focus, clarity, and buzzing spirit. The only difference is that Kali Mist won’t bring on the jitters or anxiety that sometimes come with drinking too much caffeine. We’ve all been there — the shaky hands, fast-paced speech, and we just can’t sit still. Definitely not the most ideal way to get work done.

Instead of dealing with all that, try Kali Mist instead! This strain can have psychedelic effects at times so it’s better to start with just a couple puffs and work your way up to the desired feeling. If you want a boost of creativity and productivity to get you through your day, we recommend smoking Kali Mist in the morning. If you smoke too much in the evening or before bed, you may have trouble falling asleep as your mind will still be in work mode.

Kali Mist is a lightweight sativa-dominant hybrid that boosts creativity, focus, and productivity — perfect for those in work mode.


Kali Mist marijuana seeds are said to have an unknown genetic history. What we do know, however, is that they originated in the 1990s through crossing two sativa-dominant hybrids. This lightweight sativa is a perfect choice for anyone looking to maintain focus and productivity throughout their day.