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johnny marijuana seed

We are a UK seed bank however we ship outside of the UK as well to Europe and the USA. We are a great seed store who offer fast delivery, exceptional customer service and quality cannabis seeds.

You can also browse our range of seeds by Seed Bank, Feminised, Regular, Auto Flowering, Medical or Bulk Seeds options from our main menu.

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If you know the strain of seeds you are looking for, simply use the Search Tool to find the seed strain from all seeds banks.

Submitted by Johnny on Mon, 21/06/2021 – 11:07

Due to the climate of where you live, or space issues indoor growing could be the one for you. If you have not tried cannabis seeds before or want to start growing indoors then this blog is perfect for you.

(Oh yeah, and vote at your next local election! Mark it on your calendar! Do it!)

Give back to the good Earth that supports your life. Ask your "kind" friends if they’ll save their seeds for you for this purpose.
Maybe ask them to take a walk with you.

Toss them in your public places and over the fences that separate us.
Get your local rich person to take you up in their airplanes and dump hemp seeds out the windows over every parcel of land you can.

(Pssss. together we can make the difference. )

What is this phenomena and who is this person who gave us this name, "Johnny Marijuana Seed?"

Its now fabled that Johnny began his nomadic life after having a dream in which he had a vision
of a world filled with apple trees in bloom and where no one had to go hungry. He then set out to fulfill that dream.

Today, 5,000 of the 22,000 plants found in the United States are from other countries.
A report from Cornell University says 98 percent of our nations food comes from introduced species such as wheat, rice, cattle and other livestock.

Don’t just think about it, actually take a walk and toss those seeds in the most moist places you can find. In this way you recycle the seeds you are given in the bounty you receive. (Of course if the seeds you happen to get are of a particularly fine quality then put those in a pot on the back porch.) If you have any extra, by all means, share!