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jesus marijuana seeds

Interestingly enough, the parents of Jesus OG aren’t godlike in any way but instead come directly from hell. Hell’s OG and Jack the Ripper were crossed to create this indica-dominant cannabis variety, resulting in 20% sativa and 80% indica genetics. Out of this unholy alliance comes the divine Jesus OG, a strain with narcotic but at the same time thought-provoking effects. The effects provide a heavy stone with pain relief and mental clarity. You can expect typical Kush flavors with subtle undertones of lemon and fruit.

Jesus OG is a tall plant that needs to be topped and trained early on in the vegetative stage to get the best results. She is a heavy producer with a flowering time of 56–63 days. There are two dominant phenotypes, one being more lemony and the other being more kushy.

Created in 2012 working with Norstar Genetics cut of Hell’s OG, Dioxide and I pollinated a small cutting with my JTR male and made a small run of seeds. I thought maybe some demonic name but I had a quick idea to name it after Jesus afterall he was a user of cana Bosium. The strain has gone on to win awards and be used by countless other breeders to start there breeding lines. These are the last of the originals as the father plant was lost and while we work with a new male this original cross is limited.