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is selling marijuana seeds legal in canada

The price of legal seed is a bit above the most expensive grey-market seed. Legal retailer sells its two varieties at $60 for a four-pack ($15 per seed), while feminized grey-market seeds range from $40 for five ($8 each) to $65 for five ($13 each).

The system creates perverse incentives.

Legal seeds were bred for huge greenhouses

Why? Most of a full growing season after legalization, legal retailers still offer a tiny selection of seeds. One province now offers none at all.

Ross didn’t want to be fully identified because of concerns about theft and what he sees as an ongoing stigma around cannabis.

The problem is that if a licensed producer wants to stock up on new varieties after that point — to sell to home growers or for any other reason — they can’t legally do it, explains cannabis lawyer Matt Maurer.

As of October 17, 2019, cannabis edible products and concentrates are legal for sale.

The Act protects public health through creating strict safety and quality regulations. In addition, public education efforts are currently underway to raise awareness about safety measures and any potential health risks.

Possession limits for cannabis products

The Federal government’s responsibilities are to set:

Provinces and territories are responsible for developing, implementing, maintaining and enforcing systems to oversee the distribution and sale of cannabis. They are also able to add their own safety measures, such as:

Statistics Canada reports that in 2017, almost 48,000 cannabis-related drug offences were reported to police. The majority of these (80%) were possession offences. A criminal record resulting from a cannabis offence, even a minor possession charge, can have serious and lifelong implications for the person charged. In allowing the production and possession of legal cannabis for adults, the Act helps keep Canadians who consume cannabis out of the criminal justice system, reducing the burden on the courts.