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is it legal to buy marijuana seeds online in georgia

USA inhabitants face conflicting regulations. On the federal level, cannabis seeds aren’t legal. This also applies to importing cannabis seeds from outside the US. Even when living in states such as Michigan, Oklahoma, Vermont, Alaska, California, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon and Columbia where it’s perfectly legal to grow medical marijuana and in some cases even for personal recreational use.

In Europe it’s legal to buy and sell small quantities of cannabis seeds (online). However, selling seeds in bulk to individuals isn’t allowed. Especially because selling bulk is considered an encouragement for large-scale breeding. At the same time it remains unclear where the line is drawn between small and large scale quantities. Many seed banks therefore sell seeds in small quantities.

Is it possible to legally buy cannabis seeds online in Canada?

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South Africa has decriminalized the use of cannabis in a private room, but there are still many questions. For example, whether you can buy cannabis seeds legally.

Any possession, manufacture or distribution of greater than 50 pounds is considered trafficking and all trafficking offenses carry mandatory minimum sentences. For amounts greater than 50 pound but less that 2,000 pounds, the sentence is a minimum of 5 years in prison and a $100,000 fine. For 2,000 pounds to less than 10,000 pounds, the minimum sentence is 7 years in prison and a fine of $250,000. For 10,000 pounds or more, the minimum sentence is 15 years and a $1,000,000 fine.

Any cultivation, manufacture or distribution is a felony, punishable by 1 – 10 years in prison.

The use of any communication facility, such as a telephone or radio, during any drug felony may add 1 – 4 years to the sentence and a fine of $30,000.

Upon a first conviction of a drug offense, the offender’s driver’s license is suspended for at least six months and will be reinstated only upon completion of a drug use program. For a second conviction the suspension will be at least one year and for a third conviction the suspension will be at least two years.

Professional licenses can also be suspended upon a drug conviction.