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is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in india

The bad news is, there are only a few legal selling points and the choice is very limited. Many Canadian growers therefore buy their seeds from seed banks outside Canada.

To us it’s unknown whether cannabis seeds in Mexico are legal or illegal.

In short: cannabis seeds are illegal for non-medicinal users and it can be hard to order cannabis seeds online as many seed banks such as Nirvana stopped shipping to Australia. Especially as many shipments were confiscated. Nevertheless, Australian customers can still order cannabis seeds in online stores. Here at Weedseedsexpress but also at ILGM. Just like ILGM, Weedseedsexpress has developed great stealth shipping methods with which almost all shipments pass customs.

The legality of cannabis seeds in Germany

Italians can buy cannabis seeds both online and in stores but like in many other countries the germination of the seeds is an illegal activity.

Conclusion: technically cannabis seeds are legal in all of these 180 member countries. In theory, it’s perfectly legal to buy cannabis seeds as long as they are not germinated and the public prosecutor can’t prove that you intend to grow cannabis. Many countries therefore don’t see cannabis seeds as illegal but also not as legal. The seed itself is often allowed, but the germination of the seed isn’t always. A lot of ambiguity.

We therefore provide an answer per country for the question: is it legal to buy weed seeds online?

In New Zealand cannabis seeds are illegal. It’s therefore not possible to buy cannabis seeds in a store. Yet, there are plenty of options like buying online.

They are growing to grow marijuana in a scientific way to see how it can help people as medicine. Even the Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine is working to find the benefits of marijuana consumption for patients.

According to some reports, in the year 2018, a massive 38.3 tons of marijuana was smoked in just New Delhi, which is the capital city of India.

That is just mind-boggling , right?

A lot of pros, right!

Throughout India, on the occasion of the Holi festival, everyone makes a drink called Bhang. It is essentially made from the seeds and the leaf of the marijuana plant.

For the first time, in 1961 , India banned the Cannabis. This included only the flowering and fruits of the plant. The ban included only the buds from which resin was not extracted.

So, hang on and enjoy reading through this buy cannabis seeds in India post.

Recently a bunch of people have started The Great Legalization Movement in India . They have started a burning debate about legalizing marijuana in India.