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is it illegal to buy marijuana seeds online in canada

It has always been a challenge for Canadian citizens to legalize marijuana even if almost majority of the people are in favor of its legalization. However, Health Canada allowed the use of marijuana for patients with unbearable conditions and for the end of life care. In this regard, it is somehow allowed to grow marijuana seeds for personal consumption as long as there is a medical prescription from the doctor.
Medical marijuana has been proven to help cancer and AIDS patient on the duration of their illnesses to make their illnesses more bearable by easing their pain and stimulate their appetite for food.

If it is illegal in Canada, how can you purchase seeds for your personal use without getting caught?

Since 1997, Marijuana has been listed in the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act which has made it illegal. It was even investigated by the House of Commons Special Committee in 2002 and declared it unhealthy. In 2007, Prime Minister Harper proposed the bill that anyone who will be caught dealing with marijuana will be put into jail for at least one year depending on the case. Marijuana growers will even be penalized for a maximum of 14 years for producing cannabis.

What is the exception to this law?

There are legal seed banks that are allowed to sell cannabis seeds for medical use. However, to be able to be discreet in purchasing cannabis seeds, you may order the seeds online through their website and pay using your credit card. This is to ensure that your information will be discarded once the transaction process has been done. Furthermore, the seeds you have purchased will be delivered to your address via mail order. And again, do not purchase cannabis seeds from public online stores as this may compromise your safety and you may have problems in the future.

Living in Germany and planning to buy cannabis seeds? Good news! Even though Germany is the only European country that prohibits the sale of cannabis seeds, there is free movement of goods within the EU. It’s therefore permitted to receive cannabis seeds in Germany.

To us it’s unknown whether cannabis seeds in Mexico are legal or illegal.

The purchase of cannabis seeds as a collector’s item or for other purposes than growing weed is generally considered legal. However, the legality of cannabis seeds is often very confusing. Many countries tolerate the use, possession and cultivation of small quantities of weed, other countries have a total ban while more and more countries are legalizing cannabis or working on it. However, cannabis seeds are a separate story in this discussion.

Is it possible to buy cannabis seeds in the Netherlands online and in a legal way?

Conclusion: technically cannabis seeds are legal in all of these 180 member countries. In theory, it’s perfectly legal to buy cannabis seeds as long as they are not germinated and the public prosecutor can’t prove that you intend to grow cannabis. Many countries therefore don’t see cannabis seeds as illegal but also not as legal. The seed itself is often allowed, but the germination of the seed isn’t always. A lot of ambiguity.

In France, weed seeds are legal as long as they are not used for the cultivation of a cannabis plant but residents in France can’t buy cannabis seeds in head shops. They have to buy the seeds online.

We therefore provide an answer per country for the question: is it legal to buy weed seeds online?

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