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is buying marijuana seeds illegal in canada

Up to these days, a lot of countries still don’t have access to medical cannabis seeds and supplies. But in Canada, the medical value of marijuana is recognized and you can buy seeds from retail marijuana seed stores nationwide.

Yes, of course. People now grow their own marijuana supplies and they ditched their suppliers because they want to have control over their own weed. If you want to ditch the dealer, then you can buy marijuana seeds and grow them indoors, outdoors, or whatever grow medium you want. If you are suffering from a certain illness that is found to benefit from the use of marijuana, then this is your chance to order some high quality marijuana seeds to grow. You don’t have to worry about getting some help on how to grow your own marijuana plants because there are a lot of websites that teach how to grow and there are also some eBooks that you can use to grow from seeds to harvest.

To purchase cannabis seeds within Canada is possible and so with shipping pot seeds to other countries like the Netherlands. You can also purchase ganja seeds from local suppliers or you can make your order online in one of the online seedbanks. Getting marijuana seeds from a reliable seedbank will assure you of good quality because seed companies are known to be specialists in storing pot seeds and maintaining their quality for high germination rates.

Is it allowed to grow cannabis seeds for medical reasons in Canada?

Gone were the days when a Canadian had to wait days, weeks, or months for his marijuana seeds order to arrive because you can order from your own neighborhood or from the major cities in the county.

Go to the major cities in Canada like Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto and you will see retail seed stores that have marijuana seeds for sale. You can order marijuana seeds from these retail seed stores with no problem. If you decide to order online, then you can order from an online marijuana seedbank and have your order shipped right to your doorsteps.

Using and growing weed plants in Canada are allowed for medical purposes and that’s the reason why there are a lot of retail seed stores that have marijuana seeds for sale in major cities in Canada and soon enough more marijuana seed stores will rise.

The Coronavirus has left a significant influence on the industry all in all, as Canadian general health officials continue to change their guidelines on what lockdown procedures resemble.

As the last thought, we think you should know this!

Marijuana for medical use was legalized in Canada in 2001 with the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations. Following this decision, a series of legal disputes affirmed Canadians’ rights to use cannabis for medical usage but left to advance the legalization or decriminalization of this drug.

A Word of Caution!

Here is a brief description of the likely penalties for different violations of the Canadian Cannabis Act:

Marijuana tourism depends upon skyrocket as weed lovers worldwide fly to Canada to try Marijuana. Implementing the Canadian Cannabis Act is primarily related to the United States as it shares a long border with Canada. The good thing is that you are legally permitted to buy marijuana seeds in Canada while traveling from the United States or any other place in the world. It would be best to comply with all Canadian laws regarding sale, possession, cultivation, and use. In other words, if you are 19 years old, you can buy a maximum of 30 grams of weed and consume it at your place.

Prime Minister Jean Chrétien’s administration initiated a bill in 2003 that would have decriminalized the possession of cannabis to a maximum of 15 grams. After Justin Trudeau was elected Prime Minister in 2015, he formed the Task Force on Marijuana Legalization and Regulation to examine the process for legalization.

So, before you purchase legal cannabis seeds online, make sure to check out your province’s rules regarding buying and storing cannabis. Every province has slightly different rules dictating how to buy marijuana seeds online in Canada. Some regions allow consumers to buy directly from private cannabis retailers’ websites.

Having said that, the regulations concerning cannabis seeds change from time to time. Because it’s impossible for us to keep up with the regulations for each country, the presented information should never be interpreted as legal advice. Besides, we don’t encourage the purchase of cannabis seeds to citizens from countries where cannabis seeds are illegal.

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Is it possible to legally buy cannabis seeds online in Canada?

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In the Netherlands cannabis seeds are legal and may be bought and sold. However, the legislation is unclear about the amount of cannabis seeds you can buy or sell without promoting large-scale breeding. What might be amazing is that growing more than 5 cannabis plants is illegal in Holland and is seen as a criminal act. However, if you cultivate a maximum of 5 cannabis plants it will be tolerated by the Dutch law.

In 1962, a single Convention on Narcotic Drugs was signed by 180 Member countries in the context of a global legislation that considers cannabis an illicit substance. Not the seed itself.