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indoor or outdoor marijuana seeds

Unfortunately, legal restrictions mean we can’t answer grow-related questions or give grow advice on this blog. However, to sum up the content of this article, all cannabis seeds (including the two varieties you name) can be grown indoors, but some of them don’t need to be grown indoors, depending on the climate.

Thanks for your comment! For legal reasons, I cannot give growing advice in the blog comments, but I can tell you that if we had made a Jack Herer Automatic then it would indeed be shorter than the regular and feminized versions. However, so far we have only made a feminized version. I am aware that other seedbanks claim to stock strains with that name, but as Jack Herer is one of our hallmark varieties and bred by us, I cannot make any statement about whether or not strains from other seedbanks contain original Jack Herer genetics.

We hope this article has been useful as an introduction to the difference between indoor and outdoor cannabis seeds. As always, if you have comments and questions, let us know below!

How much experience does the grower have?

In the beginning, all cannabis seeds were outdoor seeds! The debate over the exact evolution of cannabis continues, but we can be sure that the success of the plant as a global species is partly due to how adaptable it is. Some of the different forms it takes have evolved in response to the different climates it has migrated to, and some – namely the more recent ones – have been created by humans. Some cannabis seeds will produce plants that could thrive in the freezing extremes of the Ural mountains, where both the hours of daylight and the summers are short and cold. Some cannabis seeds will grow into plants that need the tropical lushness and even hours of light and dark that only the equatorial regions can provide.

But what does this mean for today’s beginner gardener, who just wants to know whether to choose indoor or outdoor cannabis seeds? Basically, there are two starting points. Either, what type of cannabis is desired will dictate where it will be grown, or – more usually – where the grow will be situated will decide what type of seeds to choose.

So, my question is: can the seeds I bought be grown indoors?

Unfortunately it is not possible to have our products shipped to South Africa, for legal reasons. Here is a list of all the countries that we can have products sent to. Sorry I can’t help you further, and I hope you continue to enjoy the blog.

Even if with the right equipment and expert advice you can obtain similar results indoors and outdoors, beginners will definitely fare better in a natural environment.

Hot and Mediterranean climates are suitable both for sativas, which grow large, vigorous branches outdoors, and for indicas, which are especially well suited to balconies thanks to their smaller, more discreet size. Accordingly, if you live in a region characterised by this type of climate and have a terrace or any other large grow space at your disposal, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for outdoor growing.

A ventilation system for temperature control and a filter system that helps keep odours at bay are part of the equation too, yet another thing to take into account when considering indoor growing.


If the weather is rainy, then you should opt for seeds that produce fast-flowering plants with a short life cycle. Otherwise, if the rains arrive immediately after the summer, you could lose your whole crop to a storm.

With the above in mind, here at Dinafem you can find a wide range of top-quality seeds both for indoors and outdoors. We have selected three per category based on eligibility, although some of the seeds might be suitable for either of the environments:

Among them, the most important one is the lighting system, which consists of lamps, ballasts and reflectors. Equally important is choosing the right lightbulb, which can be a bit overwhelming considering the array of choice. To this you will have to add the energy cost: during the vegetative stage plants need 18 hours of light and a 6-hour dark period, while the norm for the flowering period is 12 hours of light.

As a rule, it is the available space and the legal restrictions in force – e.g. growing your plants somewhere visible to the public is not allowed in Spain – that will determine your choice of environment. That said, the strain you’re intending to grow can have a large bearing on the decision too, as some genetics thrive particularly well in certain environments.