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indica marijuana seeds for sale

From its first landing in North America, the Indica strain became popular for its high THC content and was favored by many stoners of the 70’s. Unlike the Sativa that isn’t as inducing, the Indica was a particularly favored feature in the reefer days of the 1970’s.

THC Content: Undoubtedly, the Indica strain produces more THC content naturally than the Sativa strain. Although now, due to advancements in the genetics culture, leading labs and seed banks like us are creating Sativa strains that can match the Indica’s THC content, pound for pound.

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Sativa vs Indica Seeds: What’s the difference?

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The physical structure of the plant allows the farmer to gain more yield with smaller spaces. And more when we have feminized Indica seeds, the plant harvest are usually bountiful and are often the best value for money.

The process flows for growing cannabis Indica seeds are;

Indica – of Greek and Latin, loosely translated to “of India”, is an apt description of where Lamarck first discovered the plant. French naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck , the first European botanist credited to have classified this type of Cannabis plant in 1785, owing to the fact that he received his samples from India, dubbed the plant; Cannabis Indica in recognition of that fact.

I like big buds, and I cannot lie. This baby got bud!

Growing cannabis at home is an exciting and rewarding activity, but many people aren’t sure where to start. Here are a few advanced cultivation tips to help you take your indica growing game to the next level.

Auto Tangerine Fem

Large, bulky buds have a pale-green, sometimes purple color and offer the user tranquilizing effects – helping with muscle pain and melting away your stress.

Expect a euphoric high with uplifting moods and focus.

An increasingly popular mash-up of classic strains Afghani and Skunk #1.