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ice cream cake marijuana seeds

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one of the best strain i have ever grown smoke 10/10 very smooth relaxing smoke and easy to grow got 450grams per square meter 7 weeks veg 8 weeks flower grown in flood and drain (Posted on 4/21/2013)

10 seeds in a pack

Mitten Cake Batter

Great Review by LordLarv

10 seeds in a pack

Best strain for depression or anxiety
Few hits and you are happy and relaxed
No paranoia at all (Posted on 5/2/2012)

Mitten Cake x Kush Mints (FEMS)

The high-quality weed that you will get by growing Ice Cream Cake seeds is known to have an average of about 23% THC, which makes this variety very potent. New marijuana users should take extra care when use buds from the Ice Cream Cake strain, as too many puffs can lead to unpleasant cannabis experiences. However, consumers with a high tolerance may appreciate its loud and joyful buzz that envelops the body like a comfy blanket.

Whenever you plan to grow a high-quality cannabis plant, consider trying your luck by getting our Ice Cream Cake seeds for sale & growing them. As a fan of the sweetest buds, you are sure to melt when you taste its rich flavors & you can enjoy a carefree evening due to its reported effects. You will enjoy being a kid again without the extra calories!

The high from buds that you will get by growing plants from Ice Cream Cake seeds is as beautiful as it tastes, with uplifting and relaxing effects that will blow your mind in no time. The high begins with an explosion of cerebral high that puts your mind in a state of sheer bliss and calm and immediately eliminate negative or rushed thoughts. Soon after, a relaxing body begins to penetrate high into your physical form, leaving you deeper and deeper in a sedative trapped on a couch before you finally sleep. Ice cream cake weed is also known to promote relaxation. Soon after smoking ice cream cake, your body will feel like it is in a completely new state, free from the stress that can build up in everyday life.

Recreational Effects

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Many patients decide to buy Ice Cream Cake Seeds because they know their medical benefits. Conditions of physical discomfort such as migraines, muscle aches, and some other diseases can potentially be relieved, hence giving you at least a few hours of relief. Mental health problems can also be managed by enjoying marijuana that you will get by growing the Ice Cream Cake weed seeds, as this strain will reduce anxiety and depression.

Their nugs are small and quite dense, but they have hints of purple amidst their incredibly thick layer of trichomes. Their buds are magnificent as they are covered by icy white trichomes that give them the famous name of “Mr. Freeze.”

Upon opening a container of ice cream cake, the senses are immediately awakened by a surprisingly complex aroma that not only ignites the sugary sweetness of its name but also evokes notes of other scents such as herbs and fresh lavender. Ice cream cake weed maintains a creamy flavor profile with sweet notes of vanilla and sugar paste, whereby this strain deservedly got its name. By growing Ice Cream Cake strain seeds, you will have high-quality marijuana from the plants that will have a tasty creamy flavor with a sweet noodle that will last long.