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humphrey there are seeds in my marijuana

Located 80 miles south of Oklahoma City, Duncan is close enough to the big city when you need something yet far enough away to give you that old time down south flavor. The kind of place where you’ll be in the know and understand when people say “that skeeter ate you up” or “I survived Tigernado”! The kind of place where you understand the Magic of the Crape Myrtle Tree or all the good times had down at Clear Creek Lake.

The purple haze cannabis is a sight to behold. It has gorgeous broad-leafed plants sprout with thick, resinous flowers, orange pistils, and sage-white foliage that will get all your friends talking. It will produce a larger harvest indoors and has a flowering time of 9 weeks which can be timed perfectly for the Oklahoma Sooner Bowl season!

Are Cannabis Seeds Legal in Duncan?

When you buy cannabis seeds in Duncan, Oklahoma you want to make sure they are going to live up to the American way of life. The cannabis seeds us at I49 are as American as apple pie and will produce big yields because everything down south is bigger! While you will still get solid products at CannaWise or CBD Plus USA if you order 420 seeds online from I49 Seed Bank Oklahoma you will get to do it from the comfort of your living room and not have to leave during a nail biter in the Bedlam Series. All the time and money you saved getting your marijuana seeds online will allow you more time and money to spend getting your lighting, ventilation and irrigation set up for your grow operation.

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Duncan, Oklahoma is an All-American town that has a nostalgic feel to it. It can take you back all the way to the days of the Chisholm trail where millions of cattle were herded on their way from Texas to Kansas. Visiting the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center is a must-see attraction. With two of the talking presentations designed by the Disney Corporation, Jessie the cowgirl brings a modern flair to a historic time. It is often counted among the top ten western museums in the United States of America and really sells the Duncan, Oklahoma way of life.

Last week, I tried flower with the highest THC I’ve ever seen: 37.28 percent. (You rarely see strains higher than 30 percent at dispensaries.) The strain, dubbed Future (#1), was grown by Portland-based 7 Points Oregon and tested by MRX Labs, who tested the sample four times after their initial results to confirm, then posted on Facebook and Instagram a congratulations to 7 Points Oregon for growing the strongest sample they had ever tested.

Future is a strain that was crossbred by Exotic Genetix from Gorilla Glue #4 (or whatever we are legally obligated to call it now) and Starfighter F2. From the initial 12 seeds in the packet, 7 Points found nine females, retaining four different cultivars with distinct growth characteristics, terpenes, aromas, tastes, and potency. They discovered that Future (#1) was the most potent of the four, and it went on to win second place in the category of Most Potent Flower at the 2017 Oregon Dope Cup, with 32.5 percent THC.

7 Points Oregon’s Future (#1) Broke Lab Records for THC Content. But Strength’s Not the Only Thing That Matters

“The general consensus seems to be that the physical limit is gonna be around 35 percent,” he replied. “But we don’t really understand that, or why it is. We’re just guessing. So could a plant get to 37 or 38 percent? Maybe. Probably. Not impossible. It is pretty unlikely, though. The main point here is: Why the fuck would you want a plant that strong? That’s like going to 180 proof from 150.”

There are strains grown by 7 Points and other growers with half this potency that would also do similar things. Getting such a high THC level is a fine achievement, and I’m glad I tried it, but I’d be just as interested in trying a strain that scores, say, the highest recorded terpene levels, for instance.

Regardless, I vaporized a sample at a few different temperatures (290, 330, 350, and 380 degrees Fahrenheit), and discovered a clean, wintermint initial taste that settled in with the subdued hints of flavors of its Gorilla Glue lineage.