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Genetics: O.G. Chocolate Thai X Cannalope Haze
Variety: Sativa
Sex: Feminized
THC: 19%
Flowering Time: 9 – 10 Weeks br/> Harvest Month: Late September, early October

Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies x The White x Tahoe OG


Genetics: Haze
Variety: Mostly Sativa
Sex: Feminized
THC: 20%
Flowering Time: 9 -10 weeks
Harvest Month: October

The sweetest hybrid cross to date. Not the most abundant THC plant in the world (average 17%), but satisfaction with the aroma and unique combination of flavors inherited from its parents Mighty Mite Indica and Hollands Hope is guaranteed. After smoking Irish Cream, you will feel completely relaxed and lighthearted. With its soft and pleasant effect, you can still do all the daily work without any trouble. The reports said that the variety works great from a medical point of view, mainly in treating anxiety and neurological disorders. A good variety for those who need relief without unnecessary high.

Genetics: Banana Kush x Strawberry

The plant doesn’t need a special care. It’s a medium plant with a maximum height of 120-150 cm. The plant can produces a strong smell therefore it’s recommended to use filters. The flowering period takes 8 weeks and the yields reach 800 gr/m2. The plant suits for SCRoG or LST.

This super powerful plant provides a sweet and sharp lemon aftertaste and potent lethargic effect. Smoking has a very smooth citrus flavor and a complex effect, that is good balanced and long-lasting.

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