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how to test if marijuana seeds are good

Remember, just like animals and other living things, cannabis seeds are biologically different from one another (even if they are technically the same strain) and therefore will exhibit different physical characteristics. Don’t let these natural differences fool you into thinking that a larger, rounder, and darker seed (for example) is of better quality than a lighter, smaller, and more oval-shaped one.

Immature cannabis seeds, on the other hand, tend to be green and have a soft outer shell that breaks when any kind of pressure is applied to it.

Growing Seeds From A Bag (Bagseed)

A quick web search will bring up all kinds of myths about how to tell female cannabis seeds from males. One of the most popular ones comes from a chart showing 5 different seeds that claims that the female seeds have “a perfectly round volcano-like depression at the bottom (from where the seed was attached to the plant).”

Unlike other agricultural crops (like vegetables, fruit, or grain), cannabis hasn’t undergone the vigorous breeding techniques that ensure a stable crop. This means that you’ll sometimes sow a pack of seeds technically labeled as the same “strain,” but may end up with very different looking plants. It also means that the individual seeds you buy from a seed bank can vary in appearance.

This simple and cost-effective method is a great way to tell the good genetics from the bad; they will sink or swim, literally. Seeds that remain buoyant on the surface are more than likely of poor quality and are to be discarded. Seeds that sink to the bottom like a botanical cannonball are probably healthy and should be germinated.

Seeds of decent quality have certain aesthetic qualities than can be used to separate them from poor quality counterparts. For one, healthier seeds usually have shells featuring darker colours, appearing brown or grey with elements of black. With some strains this looks a bit like a ‘tiger print’.

The most obvious and accurate method to determine a seeds health is to simply germinate it anyway. If the seed does not germinate under the right conditions, it was not healthy.


The same logic can be applied when seeking cannabis seeds. Every now and then when picking up a bag of weed, you are more than likely to come across a few stray seeds in the buds as you begin to break up the material and layer it into a blunt or a bowl. There is nothing wrong with planting these seeds, and they may offer some nice weed (with the emphasis on ‘they may. ‘)

Immature seeds are likely to have a green or whitish appearance, seeds of this colour are not likely to sprout and produce a healthy cannabis plant. Healthier seeds usually feature spots and stripes on their shells.

Healthy seeds look as though they have a coating of wax on their shells. Place your batch of seeds under a decent light, if they are healthy they should display some kind of sheen on the surface.