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how to recognize quality marijuana seeds

Mature cannabis seeds usually have a hard outer shell that can vary in color from very dark (or almost black) to very light grey and may have tiger-like stripes. You should be able to firmly press these seeds between your fingers without damaging them.

It’s important to only conduct this test if you are planning to germinate the seeds immediately afterwards. The viable seeds that sunk to the bottom of the glass will have taken in water, crossing the membrane of the seed and signalling that it’s time to come to life—activating germination.

Can You Tell The Sex Of Cannabis Seeds From Their Appearance?

A quick web search will bring up all kinds of myths about how to tell female cannabis seeds from males. One of the most popular ones comes from a chart showing 5 different seeds that claims that the female seeds have “a perfectly round volcano-like depression at the bottom (from where the seed was attached to the plant).”

However, slight patience is required when conducting the float test, as results are not immediately apparent. You’ll have to wait for approximately 1–2 hours before confirming the results. Some good-quality seeds will need adequate time to absorb enough water for them to sink. Use this time to go water the garden and get some much needed pruning done. Upon your return, any seeds that remain on the surface are most likely not viable and won’t be worth further time and effort.

We do not recommend taking the size or shape of a seed into consideration as a sign of its quality. Some strains simply produce smaller seeds than others, and sometimes the same plant can produce seeds of different sizes and shapes. Never discard a seed just because it is smaller or of a different shape than another one.

According to experts, you can determine the quality of the marijuana seeds when they are slightly squeezed and withstand it without crushing. It means that the seeds are of high quality and suitable for cultivation. While seeds that are easily crushed by the slight squeeze are more likely weak marijuana seeds or even dead, which have no potential in growing.

You can use a magnifying glass to see whether the seeds have no signs of cracks. Marijuana seeds with holes and cracks, even when appearance is minimal, should be thrown away immediately as it has a higher likelihood of not sprouting.

Those mentioned above are simply fundamental guidelines in determining a good seed from a bad one; however, there are also other ways to properly identify the seeds through the tests below.

Seeds That Have Hard Shell

The genetic makeup of seeds does not work smoothly as you intend them to do. That is why many breeders opt for several backcrossing to achieve the most stable genetic makeup of a marijuana strain that captures both its parents. Generally, bag seeds are seeds of random quality, despite coming from high-quality marijuana seeds.

Good marijuana seeds typically have dark colors. It could be black, gray, or brown. The color is a sign that the seed has high quality. On the other hand light-colored seeds with green tints are more likely immature seeds.

In producing the best quality of marijuana seeds, it will take tremendous experience and skills to perfect the production of high-quality marijuana seeds. It will take a lot of time to produce favorable seeds. Purchasing marijuana seeds from widely known seed banks will definitely provide a huge amount of chances of getting the same quality you expect.

In achieving favorable growth and vigorous development of the marijuana plant, it is best to obtain and start to cultivate with a great marijuana seed. Although water, essential nutrients, and proper lighting are aspects to consider for sustainable growth of marijuana, the initial checking of marijuana seeds’ quality will assure every grower, to begin with, the best onset cultivation.