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how to plant marijuana seeds in philippines

The use of marijuana has long been an open secret in the Philippines despite the harsh penalties imposed on people for possessing just a few grams, including fines of up to 400,000 Philippine pesos (€8,000), imprisonment and even death penalty until it was abolished in 2006. In fact, prior to Duterte’s repression, it was not unusual to feel the smell of marijuana on the streets of big cities or to walk past a group of teenagers who quietly smoked a joint.

Thankfully, things seem to be starting to change for Philippine medical marijuana users. Bill 180 or the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act – aimed at ensuring the right of access to medical marijuana and to expanding research on its medicinal properties – was unanimously endorsed by the Health Committee of the Philippine House of Representatives in early October. The document was accepted formally after extensive consultation with experts and target groups, such as patients, lawyers, cannabis industry professionals and groups advocating for decriminalisation.

Steps in the right direction

“Medical marijuana is an ingredient of modern medicine. There are medicines being developed, or are now in the market, that contain marijuana for medical purposes,” said Duterte prior to being sworn into office. He added though that he had no plans to legalise the plant and that he would keep enforcing the law to deter and punish its use, an engagement he has more than met during his months in office.

The details of the system that would allow the prescription and sale of marijuana to patients in need are clearly set out in the bill. The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency has been designated as the body responsible for monitoring the supply of products to patients, who will need a medical certification qualifying them as eligible for treatment.

Although more successful than his previous attempts, this is not the first time Albano tries to pass a bill decriminalising medical marijuana in the Philippines. He had already submitted a proposal in 2014, which was met with opposition from the medical community.

I lived there for 10 years and smoked with a lot of people and scored weed from many different sources.

I just came across "high grade" (not really) weed over there twice, and it cost 40USD a gram!


I lived there for 10 years and smoked with a lot of people and scored weed from many different sources.

I can get a kilo for about 150USD, but the best weed in the PI is some outdoor sensi with big buds, a mild smell and much less potent than the weed you are used to. But for the amount you can easily get fucked up.

My dream is to be able to cross the best local strain i can find there, with some pure skunk, kush and haze, and call it Baguio’s Gold, PI Kush and The Pacman =))