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how to grow marijuana seeds for transplant aerogarden

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By greg miller (edmonton, alberta, canada) i'm new to hydroponic gardening and i'm trying to understand how you grow plants in a hydro system and then transplant them to soil with out damaging the root system or shocking the plant too much.

Transplant your cannabis plant when the soil is dry and you can easily get it out of the pot. 3?) and do i have to separate them? When to transplant aerogarden plants? Carefully and slowly pull out a pod from the aerogarden unit, starting with the smallest plant. Poke a hole in the middle of the potting soil in the first pot with your fingers.

To transplant from the aerogarden try these steps:

Usually at about 20 days in ag. Carefully and slowly pull out a pod from the aerogarden unit, starting with the smallest plant. I'm concerned because i know that the roots and the rest of the plant can sometimes grow too well in these units. Finally, water the entire soil container as done in any other transplant situation. I am eager to find out if there is a taste difference between the tomatoes grown strictly hydroponically and the same plant variety grown in soil.

One has already sprouted but i put three seeds inside so expecting the other two will probably sprout soon. This will prevent air pockets from forming around the roots, which could be quite possible if you just push a clump of dirt over the hole and pack it. Support the stems the stems of aerogarden plants tend to be weaker than plants that have grown outside. Pull the plant out of the hydro setup (or container you were soaking in) and sprinkle dry dirt on the roots. Carefully lay the roots into the hole, and use a free hand to fill the hole with really fine soil (just crumble it up really good in your hand).

Growing marijuana in an aerogarden.

A general guide is to have at least 2 gallons per 12″ of height. This isn’t perfect since plants often grow differently, and some plants are short and wide instead of tall, but this is a good starting rule of thumb.

Transfer seedling into a new container by digging a hole the size of a solo cup, and gently placing your seedling in the new hole without disturbing the roots at all if possible, like this!

8-10 gallon container

Should I start in a solo cup or in a bigger pot?

Instead of pulling the whole plant out of the container, sometimes you can just cut away the solo cup when you plan on transplanting. This is one of the advantages of starting in disposable cups – it makes transplanting easy and stress-free. You can also gently run a butter knife around the outside to help loosen the soil, turn it upside down and pat out the seedling, soil and all!

These seedlings were sprouted using the paper towel method!

If your cannabis plants double in height while still in the vegetative stage, you may want to consider transplanting them into an even bigger container for the best results. The final size of your cannabis plant is constrained by the pot size. If you keep your plants in small pots, they simply won’t grow as big as they would in bigger pots.