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how to grow marijuana autoflowering seeds hydroponically

The first step is finding the growing medium. No, this doesn’t require the soil, but other hydroponic growers that can be accessible for this type of cultivating method. Growers generally have many choices, and some of them are Rockwool and lava rocks. When it comes to the ways on how to grow autoflowering cannabis hydroponically, Rockwool or stone or mineral wool is commonly used because of its properties; retains moisture exceedingly well and is airy, which allows air to pass through for the plant to get its daily dose of oxygen. The downside of this medium is its price. It can be quite expensive but does the job well. The second one is the lava rocks. They are also the best choice since they are inactive, do not consume water, and allows enough aeration. They are also reusable and Ph neutral, which makes them very effective.

Just like growing autoflowering plants traditionally, or hydroponically, the autoflower plants also need a sufficient amount of light. It is the basic need of the plant that must not be missed, or else the growth of the plant will decline even with the proper amount of oxygen, water, and nutrients. Thus, the same lighting used when cultivating autoflower can be used. Make sure they don’t get too hot, for it might be dangerous.

How to grow autoflowering cannabis hydroponically – Growing System

After knowing how to grow autoflowering cannabis hydroponically, it can be concluded that it could be one of the best ways to grow autoflower indoors. It is not as complicated as it sounds, and it can be done easily even for a beginner grower. They are a sure way on how to grow excellent quality autoflower plants. It also depends on the preferred way a grower would want to cultivate the autoflower plants. Aside from the easy ways on how to set the hydroponics systems up, there are also advantages to how convenient and interesting it is to grow it hydroponically. For example, there would be no use of any soil, and this fits well with growers who don’t want to deal with dirt all the time. But since there is the equipment needed, a grower has to spend money in order to build an effective and convenient system for the autoflower plants.

Planting autoflowering marijuana strains in good and healthy soil is the most effective and the easiest way on how to cultivate marijuana. However, there is also another known way. It is called hydroponics, a technique of cultivating plants without the usual medium, which is the soil. Instead, it used the nutrients found in water. Hence, the name hydro. For a beginner grower, this may sound difficult and challenging to manage. However, there are other growers who choose this for convenience and all other advantages. Learning how to grow autoflowering cannabis hydroponically can also be beneficial to the grower’s autoflowering experiences.

Understanding how hydroponics work is one step in realizing its best potential for marijuana plants. Planting the plant hydroponically is known for giving productive and a more private way on how to grow the plant. The technique itself is letting autoflower plants grow in water that is filled with nutrients and oxygen. Since there is no soil involves, all the necessary nutrients are infused in the water. The process can still give the autoflower plants the essential things needed for growth, such as water, air, and nutrients. It is also easier for the plant to absorb the nutrients without the need for having extra thick roots. Growing hydroponically also gives the grower control over all the variables needed. Thus, when using this technique, the plants noticeable grow faster and healthier.

Time is always the key factor and there is not a day to waste. As soon as your autoflowering cannabis seeds germinate, the clock is counting down to harvest day. It’s so important to make sure you nurture your seedlings because there really is no time for them to recover from a botched transplant. Early delays will come back to haunt you when it’s time to harvest.

Autoflowering cannabis is awesome. High THC, CBD-rich, and diverse terpene profile varieties can all be found in contemporary autoflowering cannabis seed collections.

Container Size for Autoflowering Cannabis

Autoflowering cannabis is genetically pre-programmed as to when it flowers. Pot size seems to have no impact. Reduced hours of daylight don’t trigger them like 12/12 does for photoperiods. In fact, with as little as six hours of sunlight per day or continuous 24 artificial illumination, an auto can survive and progress through each growth stage and will not transition to bloom until its genetics activate flowering.

Autoflowering cannabis cultivation always starts from seed. Let’s be perfectly clear and get this straight from the outset: you can’t crop autos from clones. Sure, you can take a cutting from a mature autoflowering plant and probably get it to take root too. But that little shrub will never grow to a decent size because it will transition to bloom far too soon for you to bring more than a snack-sized bud to harvest a few weeks later. This can be a fun botanical experiment or a novelty ganja gift for a friend, but never a proper cannabis plant.

Timing is everything when you grow autoflowering cannabis. Just like photoperiod cannabis, you can expect the same four stages of growth as follows: germination, seedling, vegetative, and flowering. However, autos will race from seed to harvest and fly through each stage like a photoperiod plant in fast forward. On average, contemporary autoflowering strains have a 60- to 90-day lifecycle.