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how to get marijuana seeds fedex overnight

Good suggestion. In the back of the pant pocket, they look like cotton fibers, or even a better choice is to put them together with peanuts or similar.

Take a packet of sunflower seeds, make a hole the size of the marijuana seeds and place the seeds, cover the hole with transparent tape

Take a bag of granola, seeds and other stuff and place your marijuana seeds and just throw in your luggage.

Canada Approves Legal Cannabis – United Nations Makes Threats

Marijuana is not available in the other State, other than planting them myself, and I need them to attend my medical condition, but of course I do not want to be arrested and lose my job either. I really appreciate all the suggestions and views on this matter. Much obliged!

FedEx and UPS open any package they want. This process encourages internal fraud and increases the chance of getting busted – no matter if cannabis is legal in your home state or not. Though the constitution and Federal law is on your side, come fair trial in the Supreme Court, right now, Federal law is what they say it is, and therefore your chances of getting busted for a properly packed (no smell) state legal amount of pot. Such is the nature of present day USSA.

An acquaintance of mine sent me marijuana seeds in CD or DVD boxes, it worked very well.

If you send your own marijuana seeds, I’ll be less worried if you sent marijuana itself. Just send them with other stuff together and no problem should arise.

We do not offer returns on products under any other circumstance.

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