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how to germinate marijuana seeds in aerogarden

Several sites that deal in selling cannabis seeds (illegal in some states, read the fine print!) and reviewing hydroponics products also have guides with different methodologies for getting good grows.

Once the hairlike follicles on the weed are to the grower’s liking, it’s time to cut, dry, and cure the cannabis, a process that takes another few weeks before the weed is usable for recreational purposes. This doesn’t involve the AeroGarden, but if the yields are very bountiful, it may take several rounds of cutting, drying, and curing. The AeroGarden may continue doing its work growing some of the cannabis while some of the stems that were cut are on their way to drying and curing for five to 10 days.

I mean, that’s what we heard… from other people. Not because we did it. (Ahem.)

The most fascinating thing that someone who isn’t me might find from growing cannabis in an AeroGarden is that it opens one up to lots of knowledge from a lot of different online sources on best gardening methods that can apply to lots of other plants and even to growing traditional veggies and herbs in the AeroGarden. You learn a little bit about chemistry, a lot about how plants actually grow through their various stages, the ways that the duration and intensity of daylight spur leaf growth, and why harvesting at just the right time is so important. You learn the satisfaction of taking a product from a humble, tiny seed into a gigantic, barely manageable plant that is producing ounces and ounces of a valuable product that can help relieve stress, sleep issues, and body pain if used correctly when the time comes.

Autoflower seeds, which are cannabis seeds that won’t need to be pollinated by other flowers and pretty much just do their thing without much help, typically take about 10 weeks to reach the bud stage, according to online guides, but I can imagine a scenario where it could take four or five more weeks than that, especially if one was completely inexperienced and wasn’t exactly sure what the harvest stage looked like, despite the proliferation of YouTube videos on the subject.

Before things even got to that stage, I could also picture a scenario where one would get so obsessed with the health of their beautiful, growing cannabis plant that one would get stressed over spotty, burnt, or browning leaves and wonder what to do about the water or the hours of simulated sunlight the AeroGarden is giving off. (20 hours on, four hours off a day might be a good rule of thumb; I wouldn’t know.) One might go down the internet rabbit hole wondering how to get rid of the smell that comes from growing cannabis in an AeroGarden in, say, a bedroom closet, and learn that people have come up with incredibly elaborate (and pricey) workarounds using plastic tent material and carbon filters. You might buy a humidity and temperature reader just to make sure conditions in the grow room (or closet) are ideal.

dont do what i did though, just tuck em in, and read em a bedtime story

I think i had to do that with every plant. With one, I even took the whole germed seed out the sponge, peeled the rest of the seed shell off myself, accidently dropped the seedling on the floor, and it just so happens to be the biggest plant in my AG right now. Plants are weird creatures.


if by a chance still your plant "flips" just be carefull and remove it in the dark and flip it around.

if by a chance still your plant "flips" just be carefull and remove it in the dark and flip it around.

if by a chance still your plant "flips" just be carefull and remove it in the dark and flip it around.