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how to find marijuana seeds on ebay

Mobile app wont let me specify a seller and cant find anything while searching.

Well, if I wanted to make some money and didn’t give a fuke I would grow out whatever males and females I could come up with, collect a couple of thousand seeds, and then sell them on ebay as bodhi, tga, hso, or whatever other strains seem to be hot. I’d probably auction them on IG also.

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Mobile app wont let me specify a seller and cant find anything while searching.

They would germ and grow out as decent pheno’s, but certainly not what I hinted they might be.

You can also visit them on their website You get a little better deal there and it probably is better for the seller also.

Thankfully, breeders and bud tenders have been hard at work for decades, researching new marijuana strains for every growing situation imaginable. Whether you are living at high altitudes up in the mountains or just looking for maximum yield using a minimum of space, there is a seed out there just waiting for you to find it and put it in some soil.

The basic take-away is that feminized seeds will produce flowering female plants (the kind you want) every time with almost 100% guarantee. Meanwhile, regular seeds will produce a 50/50 mix of female and male cannabis plants, which means that half of your grow will be unusable.

2. THC and CBD content

Seed banks come in all sizes and styles. Some are classy, others are like laboratories, and many are basically just warehouses. But what they all have in common is their shared commitment to storing, preserving, and distributing cannabis seeds.

In a perfect world, where grow space is infinite and monetary concerns nonexistent, it would not matter how many seeds you bought. All that would matter would be the type of high you were looking for and the strains that could provide it. But unfortunately, we do not live in such a world. For the vast majority of us, our grow rooms will only accommodate a limited number of plants, and growing conditions may not be perfect.

If you have any knowledge of botany, you might already know that there are different types of plants, and each have different ways of procreating. Some, like coniferous trees, have only one sex, while others, like ferns, have many sexes. Plants are complicated like that.