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how stupid is it to order marijuana seeds online

Example: I’m thinking of using a website like goldenseed to buy seeds with my visa card. Is there anything I should be worried about, like banks/law enforcement tracing my purchase?

Ordering seeds is aboub as safe as posting on this forum
You make the choice

Dizzle Frost

I’m new to this, so for anyone who purchases seeds online:
1. what should I worry about
2. what precautions should I take
3. Is it legal?
4. is it traceable/does it come back to me?

Is there anything else I should know? thanks a lot guys.

Here’s all I know/have heard (actual results may vary):
-I’ve ordered seeds from with my own credit card to my home address (probably the absolute riskiest method you can do)
-Attitude is probably the second most recommended site that I see people talk about, so they are probably reputable as well.
-I believe different states have different terms, but what I’ve heard happening to most people’s seeds in the US is if the seeds do get caught in customs, they will leave an impersonal note in the person’s mailbox stating that illegal items were attempted to be sent to them and they were seized, but it seemed like the addressee would just get warned that this had happened–no pigs involved. I’m sure if it happens more than once (which would just be stupid on your part), they would probably have a more involved follow-up.

Remember: If you can’t trust yourself not to tell anyone, how can you trust them not to tell anyone else?

MSNL Seeds

However, because of the (backwards) way U.S. federal laws work surrounding cannabis, you can get in a lot of legal trouble for selling or sending seeds from one place to another within the USA, even between legal states! That’s why you never see long-term cannabis seed banks located in the U.S.

Easy access to buy incredibly potent cannabis strains is another great reason many growers choose to buy weed seeds online.

If you’re trying to figure out which cannabis seed banks deliver to the USA or another specific part of the world, you can find those answers in the list on this page!


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