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how much space needed to grow marijuana seed plants

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For the average indoor grow, you can fit nine 11-litre pots per square metre.


Congratulations on committing to cannabis cultivation. Now you need to settle upon the right number of cannabis plants to grow. We’ve got practical advice you can use to determine how many plants to fit per square metre.


5 litres: Plant height up to 60cm
11 litres and more: Average plant height (check strain description)

2–3 litres: Plant height up to

½ litre: Seedlings and young plants up to

The dimensions of your growing area will largely dictate how many plants you can grow per square metre, and in general. If you’re like most home growers, you’ll likely be using a grow tent set up in a suitable location in your home.

Our first advice is to recommend starting a cultivation notebook, or downloading one of the many grow apps that have appeared recently. Using this tool we can organise the grow and take the necessary notes on our subsequent monitoring of it.

The hours of solar incidence (hours of direct sun), it’s always better to have more. Less than 4-6 hours of direct sun exposure will negatively affect plants, especially the production of buds.

Growing space

Now all that remains is for us to decide details such as the flavour and aroma we’re looking for, the effect that we want from our cannabis, if we want CBD-rich therapeutic varieties, if we prioritise yieldor quality, total growing time of the crop, if we want the buds for extractions to obtain hash, etc.

Water is another crucial factor in our cultivation space. Irrigation water must be easily accessible and not chemically treated if possible. If we’re watering with water from the public supply, we recommend measuring and adjusting the pH and EC levels if possible.

With these main fundamentals of outdoor cultivation in mind we can plan for the most common needs of the plants and foresee any possible incidents that may arise during cultivation.