How Long To Hold CBD Oil Under Tongue Reddit


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Cannabis tinctures come in different formulas, ratios, and consumption methods. With our guide you’ll better understand the possible benefits of your choices. Learn how to best take CBD oil under the tongue and why it is the most popular method of application. Discover other methods ranked by their effectiveness.

How Long To Hold CBD Oil Under Tongue Reddit

Cannabis tinctures are versatile, coming in different formulas, ratios, and consumption methods. Choosing the right cannabis tincture for you can be a process. But with our guide you’ll better understand the possible benefits of your choices.

What’s a tincture?

A cannabis tincture starts with a cannabis distillate of cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD) or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The distillate is combined with an oil or alcohol for use. Packaging usually includes a dropper that patients can use for accurate dosing.

How do they work?

Cannabis tinctures are absorbed sublingually. This area under the tongue is dense with blood vessels that allow the cannabinoids to be absorbed quickly. To do this, place the dose under your tongue and hold it there for at least a minute. You may feel effects in as little as 15-30 minutes. The duration of the effect may be shorter compared to digesting tinctures.

Tinctures may also be swallowed and go through the digestive process. It can take 2-4 hours after ingesting a tincture to feel the full effects. The effects will last longer like other edibles, compared to sublingual consumption. Like with any edible, start low and go slow with dosing until you find what works best for you.

Many who use tinctures choose to combine the best of both methods. First, hold the dose under your tongue for at least a minute, then swallow what remains.

What ailments do cannabis tinctures best relieve?

In a study of 204 patients ages 75-102, researchers found 69% experienced relief of some symptoms. The most common ailments improved with tinctures were pain, insomnia, neuropathy, and anxiety. Additionally, in 32% of patients, opioid pain medication use was reduced. [Study]

Which tincture to choose?

Different tinctures use different cannabinoids in different ratios. We’ll cover three common tincture ratios.

CBD only – Tinctures with only CBD can be used for improving pain and anxiety. They are non-psychoactive, meaning you will not feel high. Worth noting, Flora Farms offers a CBDa tincture. CBDa is similar to CBD but can produce stronger benefits.

1:1 or balanced THC and CBD ratios – Did you know CBD is shown to be more effective when taken with THC? It’s true! Plus, 1:1 ratio tinctures were shown to have fewer associated side effects compared to other ratios. The THC will create psychoactive effects.

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1:10 or other low-THC and high-CBD ratios – Tinctures with higher CBD than THC content are meant to maximize the benefits of combining both cannabinoids with less psychoactive effects.

Who most benefits from tinctures?

Tinctures are a great choice for a range of patient needs. Patients who wish to consume discreetly will like the lack of smell. It’s a smokeless option that, when taken sublingually, acts faster than edibles. Tinctures can be mixed in with food and drink, such as soups, smoothies, pasta, and coffee. Above all, tinctures are easy for beginners, requiring no gear, multiple methods for consumption, and accurate dose control.

Talk to your doctor about if cannabis tinctures may be right for you.

Interested in becoming a medical marijuana patient? Click below to learn how.

CBD oil under the tongue

Since CBD found its way into high street shops and online stores, the choices have improved. You can choose from products such as drops, sprays, capsules and gummies. You can also choose how to take it. CBD can be swallowed, placed under the tongue, vaped, rubbed into your skin or applied rectally.

Whether it’s CBD drops or CBD paste, placing it under the tongue is also known as “the sublingual method” and it is the most common way to take CBD. Despite its popularity, it is also the method that can cause the most confusion or raise questions.

Placing substances under your tongue understandably sounds a bit odd because it’s not something we often do. So, what is it about this method that makes it so widely used?

CBD under the tongue – Fast facts

  1. CBD oil is taken under the tongue because the cannabidiol can be absorbed into the blood stream via the sublingual membrane.
  2. To take CBD this way, simply lift your tongue, squeeze out the required number of drops and hold.
  3. At for the Ageless, we recommend holding the oil under your tongue for 90 – 120 seconds so that as much CBD as possible can be absorbed.
  4. Once the time is up, you can safely swallow the oil so the remaining CBD can be absorbed in your stomach.
  5. CBD e-liquids shouldn’t be taken under the tongue unless they are made using an MCT carrier oil.
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How do I take CBD under the tongue?

The beauty of taking CBD in this way is that once you’ve tried it, it couldn’t be easier.

Simply, open your mouth and lift your tongue. Place the suggested number of drops under your tongue using the dropper provided. Then allow the oil to sit for between 90 seconds and 2 minutes.

It is up to you whether you keep your mouth open and your tongue raised or close your mouth. The important part is that the oil must remain in contact with the membrane under your tongue for the full time.

Do I swallow it?

Once the time has passed you can swallow any residue that is left in your mouth. This prevents any remaining cannabidiol from being wasted. Because some CBD oils leave a strong earthy taste, many people choose to complete the 90 seconds and then take a large swig of water to wash down any remaining oil.

Benefits of taking CBD sublingually

The word ‘sublingual’ refers to the large blood vessel found under your tongue. When liquids are placed there, they can cross the thin membrane and enter your bloodstream. The speed with which this happens has played a key part in this method’s popularity.

Many CBD consumers report that once they are used to it, taking it under the tongue is quick and easy. It requires very little effort and can be completed in a couple of minutes without having to use any special equipment. Drops can be placed under your tongue discreetly, whether you are at home or at work.

As an extra bonus, taking CBD under your tongue means that a higher amount will be absorbed for use. This results in a greater effect from less oil, meaning that you could save money when compared to CBD products that are only eaten or swallowed.

Any downsides?

While all there are many compelling reasons to take CBD oil under your tongue, it can still take some getting used to. The first few times you try can be tricky, it’s not always easy to tell exactly how many drops you’ve used or if your dropper is positioned correctly.

If you do find this a problem, there are ways around it:

1. Stand next to a mirror or ask a friend to help you position the dropper correctly and count out the drops. Once you’ve tried it a couple of times it gets easier and becomes quick and convenient.

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2. Alternatively, there are brands who have packaged their oils specifically to make them easier to use. CBD sprays are a great way to apply the oil directly under your tongue with no fuss. Others have specially designed droppers or have marked them in ways that make it easier to apply specific amounts without any guesswork.

Why does CBD oil burn under my tongue?

When CBD is in your mouth you may notice an intense, bitter flavour. Because many high-quality oils get the best effects from using more of the hemp plant, they can be intensely grassy and bitter. While unpleasant, this alone won’t do you any harm. A mouthful of water will help with any strong flavours.

However, if you get any reaction that is worse, stop using it immediately and consult a doctor. This may only happen in two situations:

  1. If you have chosen poor quality oil. Unfortunately, some oils that make it into the hands of customers have not passed the same quality checks that we apply to all our products. Contamination by chemicals or other products could result in an unsafe oil.
  2. If you are allergic to any product contained within the oil. This is very unlikely as great care is taken to choose natural ingredients with low risk of reaction, however, it is always worth carefully checking the lab results and labels of any products before their use.

How does it compare with other methods of taking CBD?

From the 5 methods to take CBD, placing oil under the tongue is one of the most effective. It isn’t as effective as vaping, but because it is so simple it is still more popular.

The effectiveness of each method can be measured by the length of time it takes for you to feel an effect, and how much of the active ingredient reaches your bloodstream. The distance of this journey and the obstacles faced directly affect how effective each method is. Once CBD reaches your bloodstream it is unlikely to be broken down further and it will be transported around your body for use.

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