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how long does it take to grow marijuana from seed

In general, most strains (besides auto-flowering strains) are in the medium range as far as how long they take to flower.

These auto-flowering plants spent about 3 weeks in the vegetative stage before they automatically started flowering, and were ready to harvest just 5 weeks later. They were about a foot tall at harvest and yielded approximately 2 ounces each. Read the step-by-step tutorial to grow plants exactly like this.

Note: When growing cannabis indoors, it takes 3-5 months on average to go through the life cycle of a plant. When growing outdoors, the total time depends on your local climate as most strains are ready to harvest in mid-to-late Autumn.

Time Needed to Grow Weed, From Seedling to Harvest

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Total preparation time needed: Up to a few weeks

The long answer is: from Day 1 of your weed plant’s life to actually smoking your harvest, it can take… 8 weeks – 7+ Months! That’s a huge range, right?

Curing: 2 weeks – 1+ months
Curing really seems to make the effects of buds feel less ‘speedy’ and be better suited to medical applications like treating anxiety, reducing pain, and improving feelings of depression.

Autoflower strains begin to flower automatically. The plant does so when it is ready (usually after 4 weeks of growth). However, this is not true of photoperiod strains. In fact, these strains need light stress to flower. This happens in nature (and in an indoor grow) once they receive 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness per day.

This process generally takes between 2 and 6 weeks. Ripening is complete when the bud cracks when you gently pull it.

Reading Tip! | Flowering stage

Phase 3 – Flowering stage

As the name suggests, this is the phase in which the plant will grow and reach a significant part of its final size. The growth phase, also called the vegetative stage, is crucial for the development of the plant. It begins immediately after you have obtained your seedling and carefully transplanted it.

To briefly answer the question. Growing a photoperiod cannabis plant takes an average of 4 to 6 months. If you grow an autoflower, then it is usually ready to be harvested within 3 months. This does not include drying and ripening which takes about 1 to 2 months.

Growing cannabis depends on the type of plant you grow. Each plant has its own characteristics that influence the life cycle. Which characteristics these are exactly you will read later in this article, but think about when the plant starts flowering. Do you want to grow with autoflowering seeds or with feminized seeds and also issues such as whether you want to grow weed indoors or outdoors play a role.

The growth phase of a photoperiod variety when grown indoors can be limited by making the plant think that it must flower. How to do that, you will read below.