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how long do marijuana seeds last reddit

What I do is: I place a packet or two of silica gel inside of an infinity jar and then fill the jar with seeds, before placing the jars inside of my fridge

Just putting them in Infinity Jars makes a world of difference.

(The silica keeps the seeds dry, The cool temperatures of the fridge ensure that the seeds are sleeping and dormant, infinty jars prevent light from getting to the seeds and ruining their viability).

Also how should I store them?

Put seeds in a vial tube, put about 10-20 grains of rice (to absorb any moisture) then Vacuum seal and store in a fridge or a very cool dark place – ive heard of seeds lasting over 5+ yrs – guess itll work or ill find out the hard way in a few years

If I buy a pack (assuming they come in a pack) of seeds, how long do they last in the package before I would have to plant them?

I had a WW seed I purchased from Nirvana (about 11 years ago) that I found in a box that was never unpacked from a move 9 years ago. It was in the basment the whole time. I gave it a try and it popped. So I know they cant last a decade or more. So storing in a box in the basement seems to work!

Like others have said, time will degrade them but they should still have a fighting chance.

I have some seeds, gathered by a friend in 1993, in my germination tray now. I'll let you know if they sprout.

Out of probably 20 seeds I tried to germinate about a third failed outright, another little more than a third died because they were just not strong enough or I did something to kill them, and I have 6 left now that survived and I am topping/LST/scrog.

For reference, we (humans) keep a few vaults filled with seeds from which crops to rebuild society could be grown. Seed banks.

Good point, but also remember those are kept in a very specific temperature and environment. Not saying they won’t last at home, just something to know

I don't think they ever go bad, but they may depreciate some with age.

If I buy a couple seeds but only plant one or two will I have to plant the rest sometime soon?

Except for one all came out very nice, bushy and very healthy!

Update: My seeds does not seem to be viable. 🙁 Out of 11 seeds only one showed signs of life. It cracked open but has not produced a root.

Ive said it here before, but my grow this year is from 10 year old seeds.

I remember reading a post on one of the orher forums where a guy was trying to germ a bag of seeds he found in an old bag he brought back from the vietnam war. iirc out of a dozen or so he got a couple to pop.

Hello microgrowers. I wonder how long the cannabis seeds can be viable? I have some 10 year old seeds that I am trying to germinate. I don't have high hopes for them but it made me curious if anyone successfully germinated really old seeds. I realize it has a lot to do with storage conditions and the original quality of the seed but still, I would like to hear your stories about Frankensteining old beans.

I've germinated 14 year old freezer-stored Mazaar successfully.

I found a bag of seeds from the first outdoor grow I ever did that were about 15 years old. I was excited because it was a really good strain that my dad had been growing and crossing since the 60's and I wanted to grow some for sentimental reasons and possibly cross it with something new. There were a few immature little white seeds but they were mostly fat, dark, and striped. I probably threw 50 seeds between wet paper towels in a pyrex dish and not a single one sprouted. Sad. I still have a handfull of them in the fridge though, maybe I'll give it another shot one day.