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how grow marijuana from a seed for dummys

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It is vitally important to know the number of marijuana plants you desire to grow because this will dictate your space requirements. Conversely, you can start by evaluating the available space in your indoor setup and form that; you can easily determine the number of plants to grow. Most of the times, you will be advised to invest in an appropriate grow tent as it will allow you to have an optimal number of plants and it will also provide sufficient growth conditions for a bountiful harvest.

Indoor growers will want to set their lights to an 18/6 schedule throughout the vegetative stage and adjust their nutrient mixes to accommodate the growing plants’ increased needs. Look for specialized nutrient mixes designed for vegging marijuana plants. They tend to have high nitrogen levels, medium phosphorous levels, and medium to low potassium levels. This information will be conveyed as an “NPK ratio.”

Containers or a hydroponic system: $200 for a cheap, home-scale hydroponic setup

How many pot plants you are growing?

Growing your own marijuana from seeds can be an exciting yet daunting endeavor. As your friendly neighborhood seed bank, i49 wants to make home growing as easy as possible, so read on through this helpful guide for beginners to pick up some new tips and tricks that can make the whole process easier. Aside from the financial benefits of growing your own cannabis, you are sure to feel the joy and satisfaction of completing the whole cycle from start to finish. There will be a few materials and pieces of equipment you may need to pick up, but growing good quality marijuana is available to everyone today thanks to the great selection at

The germination process for marijuana is no different from that of any other seed plant, only that you will be required to be more cautious. To germinate the seeds, you may have to keep them moist in a paper towel for up to 5-7 days before they are ready to transplant to the soil. Whether you buy sativa seeds or indica seeds online from us, our recommendation will be the same. Keep the seeds in a warm, moist, and dark environment and you should have ready viable seeds in no time!

One of the secrets to growing quality marijuana indoors is to select the best soil once you have chosen the right seeds (discussed later). And since you are interested in growing it indoors, you will have to consider all the factors necessary for optimum indoor growth and these include factors such as water, humidity, temperature, light, and nutrients.

It isn’t until marijuana plants enter the flowering stage that they begin to produce their infamous buds. Growers can induce their plants to flower by switching the light schedule over to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark. Indoor growers can do this by changing their light timers. Outdoor growers will have to set up hoop houses. These inexpensive greenhouses can be built using PVC pipes for framing and can be covered at a designated time to simulate early nightfall in climates, where a late-season harvest could fall prey to an early frost.