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how far apart should marijuana seeds be planted

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Our first advice is to recommend starting a cultivation notebook, or downloading one of the many grow apps that have appeared recently. Using this tool we can organise the grow and take the necessary notes on our subsequent monitoring of it.

Now all that remains is for us to decide details such as the flavour and aroma we’re looking for, the effect that we want from our cannabis, if we want CBD-rich therapeutic varieties, if we prioritise yieldor quality, total growing time of the crop, if we want the buds for extractions to obtain hash, etc.

Growing space

Autoflowering varieties could also be a good option when we’re looking for discretion in an outdoor grow, these plants normally grow to a smaller size with a shorter total cultivation time than normal photo-dependent varieties in regular or feminised seeds.

Remember that before making the final transplant to the ground we will have given about 8 weeks of growth in pots counting from the germination of the seed.

Studying the cultivation space fully, together with the assessment of the means we have at our disposal and the dedication and effort that we can provide, will mean we are much more likely to optimise resources like the time and money that we will invest over the entire process of the culture.