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how do you make feminized marijuana seeds

Yes, there are, although not as effective and reliable as with STS, so we do not recommend them. But if you want to know other ways to make 100% feminine seeds of your favorite weed I’ll tell you. First of all you have to understand that all techniques are based on stressing a female plant to revert its sex to male, so it can produce flowers with which it can pollinate another female.

Photograph of a hermaphrodite marijuana bud where you can see both male and female flowers*

🧐 Are there other ways to produce feminized cannabis seeds?

This way of producing 100% feminine seeds with gibberellic acid was published by the great Robert Connell Clarke in his magnificent book “Marijuana Botany”. With this method several applications must be done during a period of 5 or 7 days. The biggest problem with gibberellic acid technique is its instability, since a very precise dose is needed to be effective, around 100 PPM. It is also common that each variety may need a different dose, so not many people use it nowadays.

This is something they do naturally as a way of perpetuating the species. When a female guesses she’s going to die and hasn’t been pollinated, she spontaneously generates fertile male flowers to self-pollinate and continue with the lineage.

The most common technique used to cause stress to female plants was known as “Light Poisoningor light stress. It’s easy, you just have to use irregular photoperiods, or often interrupt the night cycle of female cannabis plants during flowering.

Making your own feminized seeds can be done with different methods. The most common methods are:

The arrival of feminized seeds, followed by autoflowering feminized seeds, has boosted the sector, making cannabis cultivation easy to access. No more need to recognize males and females and more risk of ending up only with males in its growing space or facing unwanted pollination. Plus you can choose to breed from plants with characteristics that you love.

1. Rodhelization (not recommended)

Colloidal silver also allows the reversion of female cannabis plants. It is easily found in online stores and it is possible to prepare it yourself. All you need is colloidal silver with a 9V battery, 2 alligator clips and two silver coins – and a YouTube tutorial to tell you what to do!

Gibberellic acid has long been used to obtain feminized seeds, but most professional seed banks now use silver nitrate, which is considered more effective.

Gibberellins are a family of phytohormones. Their active compound is called gibberellic acid. Gibberellins are called G or GA and followed by a number from 1 to 110, GA3 being the best known. Long used for growing plants, including cannabis, gibberellin was first identified in 1926 by phytopathologist Eiichi Kurosawa. The chemical structure of gibberellic acid was determined in 1955.