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how big should pot be marijuana seeds

Depending on access to light, amount of water, and the microorganisms living about in the soil, all cannabis plants will come in different heights and widths.

When the seedlings reach this point, you want to transplant them into a container that’s about twice the size of the one that they came from.

While this is a general guideline to follow, it is not set in stone.

What is the Best Size Pot to Grow Cannabis

When you are beginning your cannabis cultivation, you want to start small.

Oxygen – Any living thing needs to breathe this bad boy in.

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They grow in relation to the environment that they are planted in.

Smaller pots of 6.5 to 8.5 liters are ideal for many growing techniques, such as when growing with autoflowering cannabis seeds in a Sea of Green setup. It’s a great way to utilize all the growing space and work with homogeneous, even crops. You can have smaller plants, which will obviously lead to lower yields, but the larger amount of plants will compensate.

20-liter pots offer enough space and freedom for your roots to reach their full potential. A cannabis plant does most of its root development during the vegetative growth phase.

Large pots (up to 25 liters)

Choosing a pot for your cannabis plant is an essential task in growing cannabis, perhaps the most important.

Make sure you clean your pot before using it. Pots can contain chemical residues or other impurities from the store that are harmful to your plant.

The disadvantage of larger pots is the space they take up. They can therefore be limiting when the growing space is limited. However, do you have enough space? Then they can absolutely help you increase your harvest.

Pots come in a lot of shapes and sizes, but which ones should you use to grow? Read on for some top tips on the best pot sizes for your cannabis plants.

Roots can eventually start to become pot bound.

Choosing the Right Pots

If you are looking for big yields, then large pots are recommended. When a plant is limited by a small pot it makes it harder for it to maintain its growth and will only end up producing lower yields.

Choosing the right pot for your cannabis plants can be a little confusing when there is so much choice on the market. If you are a beginner you may be overwhelmed by all the different kinds of pots you can grow in. This guide is here to simplify the process for you so you can maximise yields with the best pots.

Making a decision on which pots to use can determine many things about the success of a grow. The best pot size depends on what results you are trying to achieve.